We’re IN It: Tribulation Times, Horrible Times.. BUT, Some Of You KNOW This

We’re IN It: Tribulation Times, Horrible Times.. BUT, Many Of You KNOW This

OK, I got my rest…And, feel a little better. A special blessing on Mobius, who told me to ‘pace myself’.. As a female, I don’t ‘get’ that, but I feel more rested and ready to battle again.

I woke up this morning, eternally grateful to God that I can see what is transpiring. It’s like everyday is a new chapter in Revelation opening up and filled with catastrophe. The great part is that I could hear God’s spirit in my heart telling me: “You are rare, I am with you“.

That being said: You who come here, comment and tarry with me – God is with you- YOU are rare. You are a special people to the Lord. He will carry you thru as this gets worse and even worser..

Some prayers for you all, to carry you through:

Saints: I ask God to protect you in Israel and cover you. Hide you in his pavilion. That your ‘flight’ may not be horrible. That the ANGELS of the Lord guard you against the beast system there. That HE would protect your abode.

Koo: I am praying for your health and that God would strengthen you. That he would comfort you and your husband. That he would cover your abode and hide you. That God would turn your health around. That God would keep your spirit open.

Joseph2161: One of my oldest and faithful cyber commenters – Joe, may the LORD put a special protection around you. He sees how you HATE evil and God is so pleased with that. I pray a special prayer that Gods power would rest on you as you are so disgusted with evil. “To hate evil is to LOVE God”.

Kokanee: May the spirit of God keep showing you great mysteries. May HE guide you through this hellacious time ahead. You are blessed with balance. you’ve been a blessing to me here and in emails 🙂 May the Lord guide and protect all of your belongings and person.

Lon: May the spirit of the Lord guard Lon. He sees this EVIL system arising and I thank you Lord that you have shown Lon this. Keep showing him. Protect Lon, Lord. Protect his home. Protect his spirit.

Mobius: The Survivalist who saw it all coming in the early 90’s… Its GOD who did that for you! God showed you even in the 90’s where this was going! Because you were open, I believe God will protect you from the hour of the great trial. It will not be as hard for you as others. May the Lord continue to guide you.

Geir: I ask God to cover you with his wings as you are in France and your people there are fighting the beast. May the Lord cover you as you are surrounded by Obama lovers 😦

MaddMedic: May the Lord continue to guide you. May he comfort you and yours. May he cover you with his feathers. Keep up your re-blogging, it counts!

If I left anyone out, may God bless you also. Richly.


God, give us the strength to NEVER SURRENDER!

In violent times
You shouldn’t have to sell your soul

11 thoughts on “We’re IN It: Tribulation Times, Horrible Times.. BUT, Some Of You KNOW This

  1. The Lord has set the bounds, and in a nutshell we are only crossing ‘back over into another 7th day… i.e. mankind is at the end of the 6th day (night-darkness)… knowledge and believing Matthew 4:4 But also the Lord says Matthew 13:16,17… Luke 10:23,24
    Tribulation is a worldly phenomena and not a heavenly… without the transition in understanding Deuteronomy 29:29 tribulation waits at the door.
    It is already ‘written that the works of mankind, and many will partake in the tribulation therefore Luke 10:1-12 comes to mind to fulfill John 10:9… i.e. go in and out of the ‘Word and find food for your souls. (this is the en-lightning power of the truth, which the world and those that love the world more than the Word cannot partake in). everything will come to pass exactly as it is written… The mighty angel showed John what will be next ‘day of rest’. Revelation 10:1-4, (copy-that). but as he was preparing to write these things the angel commanded John to seal up those things which the seven thunders uttered and write them not… therefore we know these thing are written, and henceforth ‘our confidence.
    There is nothing hid that shall not be known. Luke 12:1-3; 8:16-18; Mark 4:21-25; Matthew 10:26-31.
    There are many things to be spoken, but hard to be uttered.

  2. Beautiful, meaningful, needed prayer. In this case, may what goes around indeed come around.

  3. To be honest. God has washed his hands of America.
    He hasn’t forsaken true Christians, but He has forsaken America, which was never a
    “Christian” nation.
    Nations can never be “Christian.” Nations are a mixture of good and bad. God has the
    Christian’s back wherever they go in the world. But America 2021 is infinately worse than
    Sodom & Gomorrah. It will die a terrible death just like South Africa is presently dying.
    The “Zebra Killings” in the 1970’s were a portend. We now have a regime in power who
    ascribes to early Nation Of Islam theology. Namely, that white people are “blue-eyed devils”
    and are a “Frankenstien-like” creation of a mad scientist.
    The fate of this nation is to dissolve in an unspeakably horrendous way. The American Indian
    will pick up the spoils,as he well might have done on a number of occasions. History repeats

  4. Solomons words, there is nothing new under the sun just hit home. Its all historical replay. Companion to that is the scripture that they will kill you and think they are doing God service. Its not islam cutting off everyones head though that method can be used amongst many methods. Islam is not conquering the world as it is spreading yet rotting inside. Moslems coming to Jesus in vast numbers back in their 57 homelands. I call it the heinz 57 stake sauce jihad hot and spicy. But islam is not the topic. It is only used and enabled by the elite jabbers of vaxtermination. By the way, at the time in the bible was written, beheading, since that was the number one way then to be killed, beheading may only mean to be killed. The jab does that. My point about nothing new under the sun and the killers thinking they do God service, think about the religious leaders who wanted Christ put to death and conned rome to do it. Today, majority of christian pastors and jewish rabbis are pushing the death jab and having new rome do the deed. The murder of messiah and murder of his flock today is a repeat. Those not of his flock is just collateral damage.

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