Anti KILLER Vaccine Protests Outside Israeli PM Home

Anti KILLER Vaxx Protests Outside Israeli PM Home

The fascist dictator of Israel has proclaimed people who are ‘unvaccinated’ as ‘a danger to everyone around them.’

How is this not anti semitic?

Katy &
Joey my @KatyCoppens· I have been saying this whole vaccine thing will turn into a witch hunt for months and I am right. For now they are at the stage of a vaccine passport, soon one will not be allowed in supermarkets without. How human. Virusses change e.g. flue, why do we need a new jab every yr.‘……….

Hat tip: Protests outside home of Israel prime minister…

3 thoughts on “Anti KILLER Vaccine Protests Outside Israeli PM Home

  1. The Bible does speak of a time when 2/3rds of Israel will be wiped out.
    Could it be that people who gave into Satan’s scam jab have unwhittingly have set
    themselves up for suicide?

  2. Still in shock. My pastor once posed a question; who persecuted jews in france? French govt. Who persecuted jews in germany? German govt. Etc.. then he asked will persecute jews in israel? My mind froze. Then i realized the israeli govt is the answer. One world wide satanic beast controlling all govts.

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