The Horrible Things Coming I Need To Share, Some That God Has Put On My ♥

The Horrible Things Coming I Need To Share, Some That God Has Put On My ♥

Prepare Yourself

I need to share what is on my heart and spirit from the Lord to you all. Or at least those who will listen. These are things that I believe God has put on my heart. Some are from observing the situation. Some God showed me. You can take heed or you can sift thru it and determine for yourself. Some of you can see the obvious ones happening.

In no sequential order; soon future and also at later dates/times:

  • I believe that stores are going to run out of food.
  • I believe businesses will close down again.
  • Mask mandates even more restrictive
  • I believe that this time could be much worse than last time (lockdowns)
  • Food riots
  • More lootings
  • Covid Pass cards here in the states.
  • No traveling state to state.
  • I believe that many people will become totally reliant on govt for their food.
  • MANY More cyber attacks, especially on the internet. The net will come down. Communications will suffer.
  • More altering of the dead from vaccination on major websites such as the CDC, VAERS and more.
  • At some point, if you do not get the jab, you will be declared a danger to all people around you by government.
  • Because you don’t get the jab, the state will order you quarantined to your home.
  • Many will grocery shop online in the near future more than ever.
  • There will be intense pressure on those who refuse vaccinations.
  • Family will become enemies.
  • Military of the USA becoming an enemy of the people.
  • Sporadic lockdowns
  • DEW weapons attacking many unvaccinated people’s homes
  • More plagues that are made by evil people
  • Plagues from God
  • Rats, mice, spiders, all sorts of bugs, (pestilence), worms
  • Weather will keep becoming more unbearable
  • unheard of diseases
  • Homelessness like we have never seen
  • People will be living in train containers, tents and cardboard all over the USA
  • Starvation
  • Serious Mentally ill people roaming city streets
  • People murdering each-other over food
  • Horrible natural disasters that we will not ever recover from.
  • Property stolen by the government and given to black people
  • Enemy bombings on major cities
  • No healthcare
  • Burying people in backyards
  • Rape gangs, brutal gangs with guns that they stole
  • Babies thrown in dumpsters, woods, even in the streets
  • A.I. false miracles from the White House and other governments.

These 2 prophecies, I believe are coming:

In One Day – Brian Lake

Jim Farrell’s prophecy of July 3, 2015 entitled “Seven Woes Unto America.”

This prophecy is from 2009 & it is coming & already here

Aug 13, 2009:

25 thoughts on “The Horrible Things Coming I Need To Share, Some That God Has Put On My ♥

  1. Especially this one: MANY More cyber attacks. Maybe one thing that could get some people’s attention. Family enemies. Yep. In other words you could read coming attractions for the final days. While Iran prepares for their 12th Imam Mahdi.

  2. 🚨AZ AUDIT: President Trump in AZ! CXL Culture “HOLY SHIZNIT THEY CAUGHT US!” 😂🗽🇺🇸🗽
    🚨AZ AUDIT: President Trump in AZ! CXL Culture “HOLY SHIZNIT THEY CAUGHT US!” That was the BEST & look how many patriots were in the audience! 🇺🇸

    Love President Trump and yes CANCEL CULTURE is REAL look at all the people who’ve been DEPLATFORMED because they share the REAL news you have to search for as FAKE NEWS won’t cover it! The patriots who shared info on the 2020 Election that went against the left – they were deleted so, now most are on other platforms like locals!

  3. Or maybe we’ll just surrender without a struggle at all.
    The Israeli Jews looked down on the European Jews who didn’t have the courage to
    stake out on their own and leave Europe before the holocust occurred.
    There’s still time to leave.

  4. I try to get out. My husband is set in his ways.
    I’m in the mountains…

    Here’s the thing, Lon….WHERE to go?
    This insanity is in ALL white countries.
    And down in South America… it’s the apocalypse.

  5. Noooo!!! I used to be. Seems almost the ‘norm’ for a Jew to be in NYC.
    Im in Prescott, AZ, 5,500 ft up.
    I just wish I was in the woods.
    Im in the mountains but its open.
    I hate that

  6. As always, there are only two great forces at work today- God and Satan- and the middle ground is disappearing. It’s time now to make a choice.

  7. Tough call. Forest fires are flushing people out of the woods. I haven’t caught any follow up on the recent non hack that even took out the SEC. But I always remember a saying coined by someone who no longer seems to post it as a header on his site anymore . . . “The last act of a corrupt government is to loot the nation. ” Most of us have no idea who is doing what and we don’t believe anyone anymore.

  8. Alaska is a good option. Singapour as well. Living off the land is a must.

  9. I agree.
    But, I cant live off land where I am.
    No soil, just desert.
    God will have to show me

  10. You left out no more toilet paper or icecream. Just being humorous to stay sane. Quite a list, am writing it down.

  11. Am in mountains of galilee. Often called galilee of the gentiles. So just maybe im not in judea? Two historic invasion routes pass on each side of me but dont come to my spot. So maybe i wont get touched though no electric , water or grocery store could be rough. The greatest enemy in my view would be the govt jab police.

  12. Moses came down from the Sinai and gathered his people: Pauli, gather your followers.
    Those who can stand up and say Obama’s the Antichrist, gather around Pauli.
    Jesus will guide us in the wilderness.

    He provided us protection by creating smack in the middle, amidst the Muslims, a haven of peace which was a tolerant Muslim sect called the Mevlevi: compare their founder Shams-i Tabrizi with the founder of modern Iran: Hulagu Khan the Mongol. You’ll see they’re beyond doubt the one and same person, the Messiah and Jesus for Buddhists, Muslims and Christians.
    Jesus is for everybody (not just for your local denomination and church).

  13. I bet they turn off the net and then demon Obama will take the seat in the white house

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