Heaven… I’m In Heaven..

By: MJW, Dance in Heaven

The events make me sick. So, I really try to think of eternal life in Heaven. Dancing with the Lord. Laughing with Jesus. Thinking about no more pain, sickness, depression, tears, anger, strife. Just weightless joy.

Here on earth…not so much. We have to resist and keep resisting. Fight for our spirits and souls. I pray for all of you, my commenters, Mobius, Koo, Joseph, Alvin, Saints, Kokanee, MadMedic, Boudica bob, Lon, Saints, Geir and all of you who comment here. I pray that God would give you a face of flint.

Mobius told me to pace myself so thats what I am gonna do. OR, try to do.

Some enjoyment:

Some rock for Jesus:

Some for our Orthodox and RW, fellow Jewish brethren:

10 thoughts on “Heaven… I’m In Heaven..

  1. Here I am, just trolling around.
    Wishing I wasnt such a loser.
    Like my pic?

  2. Thank God for songs by norman greenbaum and so many others as they all in a way were seed planters and exposure to Christ for more than one generation that has no excuse not to explore the gospel. Remember it like it was yesterday.

  3. Pauli, we can march forth, I think.
    You and I have a common feeling about the spirit that’ll stretch far enough to bring off this spiritual realization.
    Jesus is not just for Christians, but also for Buddhists, Jews…..and Muslims…Muslims even say the Messiah “will be Jesus”.

    I can’t leave you people dangling and have to get to the point now. It’s that the founder of the Mevlevi Sufi sect called Shams-i Tabrizi is certainly the Savior predicted in the Buddhist Kalachakra Apocalypse who was called the King of Shambhala.

    You and all your buddies/friends at the blog, should first of all read the Wikipedia “Hulagu Khan” page. Particularly the Israelis should read it, because the link to Shams-i Tabrizi speaks to international political links between Israel and the ancient state of Iran/Syria founded by Hulagu.

    Once you’ve read that, then I can point out the finer points that you haven’t seen: and I can point out how the King of Shambhala becomes Shams-i Tabrizi and how he also become Jesus through the study of his mystery-filled history. Jesus is no stranger to mystery either..

  4. See the multipul meanings of “Heaven” and “Hell?” Heaven is BOTH a locality AND a
    state of mind.
    It is where Christ and the Angels reside, or it could be the universe. (Outer space.)
    It could also be a blissful state of mind. (“Heaven. I’m in Heaven…”).
    The same applies to hell. Hell could be “Sheo” (“The place of the dead, or the unseen.”)
    It could be where the garbage was burned in ancient Israel. It could be the future Lake Of Fire,
    or an emotional state as well. “You look like you’ve been through hell.”
    Some take the Bible as a hundred percent literal. Some take it as a hundred percent symbolic.
    The truth is, it is BOTH.

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