Jordan Hayes: 33 Y.O. NYer Called Non-Vaccinated “Idiots” & “Morons,” Is DEAD 14 Wks After COVID-19 Vax

Jordan Hayes: 33 Y.O. NYer Called Non-Vaccinated “idiots” & “Morons,” Is DEAD 14 Wks After COVID-19 Vax

I keep telling the Democrat Communists and weaker Republican people to not get this shot—-that they will probably get sick or die if they receive the vax but they just don’t listen because they’ve never listened.

Honest to God….how can ANY sane person go get a vaccine that had NO testing? There is no vaccine for AIDS after 40 years. What makes people think that a vaccine would be invented in a few months? My god, people… Think!!! While it’s still legal!

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He cursed us and he was cursed. Thats how it works.

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  2. Still think the prophesied Strong Delusion to believe the lie is those that wanna and do get vaxxed. A covid virus is still not proven yo even exist. Cant even test for it outside of a blood test. Cant test for a non existant thing. Much devious things do come out of labs. But this time nothing by accident nor stealth came out of a lab in wuhan or any lab. There is gain of function lab work but not this time. It really is a hoax. Most that do understand convince themselves that covid is real but like a mild flu as otherwise no one will believe them as people say, its gotta be something. No, its nothing. What has been done is real varied flus, pneunomia and many illnesses all renamed covid. But covid is make believe. What is real is jabbed people shed spike proteins. The good news is if you get ill from those shed spike proteins, your dna is not changed like theirs but you do still get ill and might be maimed or dead. The jbb

  3. Am saying harsh things here that wont win admiration from the masses but must state the truth as far as i can tell being only a fallen human only fixed by the blood of Christ and holy spirit guidance. The strong delusion is sent by God and not by the devil. God is cutting them off. There are such things as kind passive decent homosexuals but they still go to the pit. There are God loving pastors and rabbis with flocks that go to the pit. God draws a line on what can enter in. The heart, the committment, the obedience, the effort to do right and serve and more is weighed by God by the standards he set. Crucify the flesh does not mean to suffer for God as many say. It means when your wants conflict with Gods wants, you put aside yours and submit to his. Thats why good works are not a ticket in. God likes good works as a sign of showing faith in ones walk but God looks at the total package of that person. Some might do good works more for image or prestige rather than heart love. Only God knows the motive of the person. What i know and believe is true is not from any smarts. God simply put knowledge before me and then gave the understanding. I asked for the wisdom to know how to interpret and apply it. And i dont know how it ends even for myself. I do not know what i will do tomorrow. I dont know if my middle finger will have a spasm with shouting voice coming suddenly out of being tamed. I tend to believe God will guide me into certain salvation by easy or hard way based on my cooperation. But i do not know this as sure but do hope so. I have far far less sin than the masses but even one sin or even one lingering stronghold (thats repititious sin) can be a salvation issue. God knows we cant be perfect like Christ. If we could suddenly no longer sin, we still cant be perfect due to past sins. But the key is those past sins can be washed away and not weigh us down as a God given amnesty. Just strive to the utmost. Many are called to an exclusive eternal club but few enter in. God doesnt want to take in souls that once in start backsliding like 1/3 of the angels. Thats why in sum, God has put delusion on many to take a jab. I trully believe people of the world that arent now in Christ by refusing the jab for what ever reason, means no delusion on them, meaning they yet soon will indeed come to Christ. The jabbed are the tares. The unjabbed are the wheat to be painfully refined. The first will be last and the last will be first and the meek shall inherit the earth with Christ.

  4. They said Trump colluded with Russia. The truth was the Communist Chinese colluded with
    the 1% Globalists to genocide the “excess” population, so both good divide the spoils of the

  5. I believe the Spirit of the Lord showed me the same thing: The delusion has come upon those who did not believe what we were telling them

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