The BEST #CHER Parody Ever

The BEST #CHER Parody Ever

Cher’s mouth was overloading her arse again today.. I want you all to see the level best Parody of Cher:

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5 thoughts on “The BEST #CHER Parody Ever

  1. If i enter into speculation, i find it interesting that devil in russian is Chert. And i find it odd that congressman sony bono who was an outspoken patriot died early in a ski accident. Same way john denver had woken up to the greenies werent the saints that he thought so his plane fell down before he could really speak out.

  2. Don’t think much of her politics like Barbara Striesand but the way she sings
    “Way Of Love,” has a lot to reccomend for it.

  3. Injuns m’ rising again! Why does Cher support Antichrist Obama? What does he like about him? Him being a homo or being undocumented? Or just Satan? Or because he’s a drug-addict Chicago criminal?

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