Australia Proclaims “We Have To Accept The New World Order”

Australia Proclaims We Have To Accept “The New World Order”

I retain that I believe Australia and also New Zealand are both ‘testing grounds’ for the beast system (“NWO”). For years, the Communist Globalist bastards would tell me I was a “Conspiracy theorist” when I said “The powers-that-be’ are marching us towards the ‘New World Order'”. See what liars Commie are? It’s happening. We didn’t lie. It’s here.

No longer do you have to sit and figure out what is happening because the nitemare is here. The beginning of the Tribulation is upon us. It is “In real time”, now. They are telling you below that ‘they’ have started it.

Start at 3.00-4.50 when you click on the link or go ahead and listen to the whole video:

When I went to New Hyde Park many years ago.. I was intrigued by the quote on this statue:

2 thoughts on “Australia Proclaims “We Have To Accept The New World Order”

  1. The Communist Chinese dogs (I don’t mean to insult dogs.) said that Australia will become
    “a white trash country.” I think that the dirty CHI-COM animals and the 1% globalist power eliet
    intend to perfect their genocidal viris to wipe out white guys so they can enslave the white
    women. Boy, are these pigs going to celebrate!

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