South Africa Newspaper Front Pg: “No Jab, No Job” (Commie Tyranny)

South Africa Newspaper Front Pg: “No Jab, No Job” (Commie Tyranny))

Front page of ‘The Star’ –

Looking more like ‘666’ everywhere ya go. A lot of people say; ‘AntiChrist isn’t here, can’t be’. Prophecies are not in chronological order. Stop thinking Real life is a Hollywood movie. And, the rotten son of perdition is Obama and his minions. He’s the one running the White House. The 8th King.

Fin24 covered this also:

8 thoughts on “South Africa Newspaper Front Pg: “No Jab, No Job” (Commie Tyranny)

  1. The vaxtermination program of satan and his servants progresses wonderfully. But its sobering that the strong delusion on people who want vaxterminated is from God. Be thankful to be among those God has spared and serve him in joy and thankfullness.

  2. I thought the rule in South Africa was you couldn’t hire white anyway.
    Isn’t there a thirty year prison sentence for hiring a white person?

  3. There are millions of ‘coloreds’ black white mix lumped with whites for destruction by blacks. Also people of india descent too.

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