Philippine City: No Vaxx Card? NO Shopping Anywhere. COMPLIANT #COVID #COWARDS Are Doing To This World:

Philippines: No Vaxx Card? NO Shopping Anywhere. COMPLIANT COWARDS Are Doing To This World:

You who got the shot: You are COVID COWARDS. You have brought HELL upon ALL of us. You made yourselves slaves. I’m not joining you in your cowardice. By God, I will NOT be your slave, you god damned cowardly bastards. And, YES, you ARE damned by God. You trusted in a genetic RNA Vaccine over the the Almighty God. You trusted in a shot that has murdered over 11,000 people at least and has wounded over a million.


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In a PHILIPPINES city, Ya cant buy or sell without your vaxx card. COMPLIANT people are bringing in this hell. People have let the FEAR of a virus rule their lives. Bunch of COWARDS. This WILL be in every single country. The ‘666’ is here. Many of you are waiting for it… You just dont GET that it is HERE. Hollywood has made you think that life is in ‘scenes. A ‘big bang’. An ‘announcement’


So, help me God.

H/T Brena

Think it cant happen here? The Communist and Globalists STOLE the White House. Without firing a shot. On EITHER ‘side.

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  1. Ya know in the bible where Jesus wipes away tears and says we wont hunger or thirst anymore? Thats how most of us died, by hunger and thirst ! Its good in that we didnt sell our souls to the beast. We made it ! Some will be chosen to not perish but most of us will. Its Gods decision. Look at food stocks. Imagine tomorrow no more grocery store. Eat only what you got. How long will it last? Oh, we may be lead to outdoor edibles but thats Gods choice. Seems its about final exam time so all just pass the final exam.

  2. A thousand years of darkness is coming and not a thing can be done about it.

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