I Dont Know How To Cope With This

I must’ve watched a thousand videos on the Vaccine disaster…. it REALLY gets to me. Especially the people with the Parkinson’s looking paralysis. It’s like one day they were fine, they got the kill shot and now they’re either sick, paralyzed or dead.

Here are my thoughts.

This website made me want to vomit: https://1000covidstories.com/personal-stories/

4 thoughts on “I Dont Know How To Cope With This

  1. Pauli, you’re a heart-felt and sensitive person. But think about a different aspect of life. There’s are people that don’t realize Obama’s the Antichrist. Don’t you feel sorry for them just as you feel sorry for the vaxxed people too?

    We have to spread the GOOD news. Realizing that Obama’s the Antichrist is like a remedy to the soul. It’s like a therapy that you come out of CURED. It’s like a medicine that gives you ETERNAL LIFE in Paradise. The kicker is that you can spread that news. You’ve got that potential which non-believers don’t have. They’re like clueless travelers that don’t know the way to the final destination.

  2. They GLORY in death and murder. The LIVE to DESTROY. Satan-their master-has promised
    them MUCH.

  3. Forgot i can still scan utube though kicked off for eternity. Just cant comment or get alerts or sub. Ive been blocked for video on brighteon and sound on bitchute. Evil loves to play with their prey before the kill. Not putting down cats as they only want to eat. Am so so sick that the deluded cant be woke up as the overflowing scourge must pass through.

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