Jack Posobiec Says Lockdowns Are Probably Coming 2nd Wk Of August, “Done Deal”

Jack Posobiec Says Lockdowns Probably Coming 2nd Wk Of August, “Done Deal”

It’s possible that our hell-bound government will then institute vax cards. One can’t buy or sell without their cards.

People just don’t get that this is the time of ‘the beast’. Its also possible that it is when the govt might get rid of Biden and put Obama in. Who knows? Anything is possible.

6 thoughts on “Jack Posobiec Says Lockdowns Are Probably Coming 2nd Wk Of August, “Done Deal”

  1. Were in the book of macabees 2 replay where a minority resist together but dont think there are enough to overthrow the geeks, i mean greeks, this time. Were where cain slew his brother abel. Were entering nazi holocaust replay on steroids. Were in the replay of stalin and mao starvation. The looney bins gates have been opened.
    Heres a thought; the bible says …AS IF by the stings of scorpions- the jab has nano bodies of snake & scorpion venom in it. Aha, the jab is AS IF by sting of scorpions. Prophesy unfolding fast and most not catching it. We are not told all the tons of ingredients in the jab potion but experts are reverse engineering the recipe from adverse reactions and finding what causes what scientifically. I dont want to starve. I prefer a nuke on my head. But i will stand to the end in Christ in obedience.

  2. Here is a partial list of jab potion ingredients, only partial; luciferaise, quantum dots, hydrogel, spike proteins, phospolipaise, oligo peptides, mitaloprotenaise, prothombin activators, nano bodies ( venom and assorted), PEG (poly ethyelene glycol), neurotoxins, graphene oxide, prions, amino acids, gene strands, messenger RNA, nucleic acids……. much more and subsets of all. Sounds like a tasty all chemical sara lee cake.

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