Obama Regime Sued AZ Over Immigration In 2010. Now, Obama Regime Sues Texas:

Obama Sued AZ Over Immigration In 2010. Now, Obama Regime Sues Texas:

AMAZING PROOF Barack Obama Is The Antichrist & Islam's ...

I do not ever address this current staff at the WH as the “Biden administration”. Because it is OBAMA running this sh’tshow. I blogged non-stop about Obama through his years of enforcing devastation on America. I remember his policies very well.

Any policy enforcement that fake, sick, old Prez Biden releases, Obama did the same during his regime. It’s NOT Biden in charge. It is OBAMA. Too bad most blogs and large sites are cowards and do not call this out.

Today: DOJ Sues Texas Over Governor Abbott’s Order Outlawing Ground Transportation of Illegal Aliens

In 2010: Obama administration sues Arizona over immigration law

8 thoughts on “Obama Regime Sued AZ Over Immigration In 2010. Now, Obama Regime Sues Texas:

  1. There’s a group called the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC). They carry signs saying Obama’s the Antichrist just like the sign on your picture Pauli. But WBC founder Fred Phelps ran for KS Governor on the DNC ticket and was a DNC card-holder for decades. Obama’s KS cousin Linda Joy Adams says Phelps and WBC are tied up in the death of Obama’s real father Jim T. Parks, killed in a KKK-style Kansas lynching. The racist southern Democrats are guilty. That’s why Obama’s lived under a fake name all his life because his racist family the WBC are after him and don’t want him to carry their name. His family includes top dogs Bush, Clinton, Cheney, Hunt, Palin, Ross Perot etc…they all want this to be kept covered up.


  2. Westboro Baptist Church Shirley Phelps says “The Antichrist Resides in the White House”. Listen at 1:00 of the tape. They’re Democrat racist KKK-types. But a racist twisted southern story is behind them/ because their cousin says they’re Obama’s real cousins. It’s a story of racist lynching by Obama’s own southern family. Obama hides his real name because people could trace him back to them by that name (i.e. Barry Parks – the Parks are a black Topeka Kansas family, and Jim Parks was in the same high school as Obama’s mother /where they met. Rosa Parks is Obama’s real aunt. The – white – family need to hide all that.),

  3. They are as frantic to destroy this nation (By any means necessary) as a sex starved lecher
    is to rape a 12 year old. Many do.

  4. The Westboro are just the normal (for Democrats). They’re KKK and cover up the hideous racial killings they’ve done for centuries. They kill off their own. Obama’s one of them and they gave him the presidency/ but they won’t give him his real name (Parks) because it would send them all to jail if the people learnt about it.

  5. Pauli, the revelations I made in this thread are hair-raising and are the nail in Obama/the Democrats’ coffin. If nobody picks up this trail, then it means your blog is infiltrated. The buddies that humour you here, are in fact Obama plants. Just know that…

    (The French have stood up. France is in full melt-down mode now. We’ve reached the Bible’s 2/3 threshold level of vaxxed. – programmed to die – you/we Americans can follow suit. Say out loud that you want liberty. Refuse the health pass. Demand your government leave office.)

  6. I was wondering. Is anyone interested in the truth at this blog?
    I just saw some light and dropped by.

  7. The people that come here are few to comment but THEY are interested in the truth like you and me are 🙂
    I would rather have 10 people wanting the truth than 1,000,000 coming here and not interested at all but commenting

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