My Experience With Friends & Family Who Are Fully Vaccinated (ALL Have Been Sick & 1 Died)

My Experience W/ Friends/Family Who Are Fully Vaccinated (ALL Have Been Sick & 1 Died) generated Image

So Help me God, this is a faithful narrative of my personal experience with people in my life who have received the killer shots and are fully vaccinated:

  • My Mom got covid about 14 days after she got her 2nd dose of the kill shot.
  • My husbands best friend and their whole family got the kill shots. His Mother died a couple of weeks later from the shot. The rest of his family ALL got covid after being fully vax’d.
  • Our friend at the gym got the killer shot, he has been ill for 3 months and the Dr does not know WHAT it is. He says he was doing great BEFORE the shot and now feels like he is like a Zombie and not himself.
  • My pal from Oklahoma, her cousin (also an acquaintance) got the killer shot and now he falls all over the place, is always dizzy and now slurs all of his words. He was doing fine before getting fully vax’d.
  • My friends husband, Bob got the shot and now he is extremely ill all the time. He cant even hardly walk. He was a runner before the shot. The Dr’s do not know what is happening and he is having an MRI to check and see if he might have cancer.


I feel bad that these people have gotten so sick and even died but we all warned them. I’m sorry, but if you went OUT OF YOUR WAY to get the kill shot even after warnings from your ‘conspiracy wacko friends’, it’s deserved. You were STUPID and played Russian roulette with your own life that God gave you.

15 thoughts on “My Experience With Friends & Family Who Are Fully Vaccinated (ALL Have Been Sick & 1 Died)

  1. I know someone that works in a huge office of a company that lives off govt contracts. Most are retired intelligent military officers. Most are jabbed, most were warn

  2. Most were warned with real scientific data. Behaviors are changing. Extended family members are getting kaput. They follow orders and believe the govt. It appears that the higher the education the dumber they are. So they have a certain great skill set, yes, but dumb in all other areas and common sense non existant. It still appears to be The Strong Delusion. I feel very bad for them, yet i wish they would start to die off real fast not out of meaness but so the unjabbed not decided yet will stay unjabb

  3. Some have been forced – in order to conduct business needed. Some were tricked. I am watching those I know to see what happens. Yes the educated seem more easily tricked.

  4. To have investigatory medical procedure must accept swab test. Why not saliva or blood? Nope must accept swab deep into head. I think that I will cancel. If I land in hospital again – they’ll probably be forcing jab by then – I will crawl out. I don’t understand why swab up to brain. I don’t want it.

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