The COLD, HARD Truth Of Where The Covid Vaxx Nazi Bastards Are Taking Us ALL:

The COLD, HARD Truth Of Where The Covid Vaxx Nazi Bastards Are Taking Us ALL


Here is the cold, hard truth:

The WHOLE world is going to come to a place (shortly) where you will not be allowed to buy, sell OR work without getting the vaccine and soon, the ‘mark’ (which is already here). The mark is only a SYMPTOM by the way. Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.

Your family members & friends who REFUSE to get this vaxx and mark will be persecuted, dumped on, their lives will stop short. They will go homeless, many may even have their homes taken. But, fore sure–many will be tormented and murdered. THIS IS THE FACTS. Its in the bible.

The bible ACCURATELY has predicted everything we are going thru from earthquakes to famine to plague. The bible warns us of these things. The bible promises the return of Jesus only ONE time. He will gather his elect AFTER the tribulation and NOT before.

This is where it is ALL going.

You who took the vaxx took the first part of the ‘mark’. Deal with it. This is what you did. Ignore it, try to talk yourself out of it but it IS what it is. You were tricked. YOU will be able to buy or sell. YOU will be able to work. (If you even make it out alive after receiving the poison shot)

None of this type of demonic fascism has EVER been attempted but it is here now.

Right now, in Israel, they are working to keep the unvaxxed (those who are refusing the stages of the mark) in their homes and not letting them out. That type of totalitarianism WILL come here and EVERY single country. There is NO ‘safe place’ but in the Lord, blessed be his name forever and ever.

Soon, there will be NO more leniency given to those who refusing the vaxx and the mark. NONE.

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  1. Am speechless thinking on this now. Am in a spot that may be survivable if God so chooses. Really wanted a spare freezer, but held back as how long will electric or water even continue for anyone but especially for non compliant still human folk? So i expect to perish but hope to survive . I choose to perish as a human in Christ rather than live as a slave to the beast owned by the beast. The rubber indeed is meeting the road.

  2. See how they exempt themselves from the regulations they force us to live under?

  3. Lon, the have each other’s backs. Live in gated communities. They have armed guards and can live free behind walls. We have to make up our own guards and have our backs consisting of calling out Obama as the Antichrist and joining up forces with Pauli’s fight against Obama.

  4. Pauli, they’ve gotten to the point where they’ve vaxxed 2/3 of the population. Beyond that point they’ll exceed what the Bible predicted. Nobody on earth can exceed what the Bible predicted. Now’s the Time of Reckoning for them. (see what’s going on in France? It’s awesome. The vaxxed and running scared like zombies. The non-vaxxed are out hunting and mad.)

    The pics are from last two demonstrations/marches that gathered about 350 000 people in all. (that’s a steamroller for France in figures proportionate to the population – the media are wild about it in fear – the vaxx whimper on TV that the non-vaxxed are “coming after them in hatred” ROFLMAO – yeah “the fear has turned against them”. sic!)

  5. Yesterday in France 180 000 jabbed. Day before was 500 000. So jabbing rates are sharply down. People seem to fear the vaxxes now and TV vaxx pundits can’t keep up their propaganda without being heckled by anti-vaxxers..

  6. There is a chance the govts are lying on how many jabbed and that its less than they say but its still huge numbers. Because they say over 2/3 already jabbed in israel, i had to re examine prophesy. One third in land of israel must remain unjabbed and be refined and saved for Christ. But less than 1/3 of the jews remain unjabbed. Thats when i saw it says people in land of israel, it doesnt say jews but people. Also land of israel is larger than present state of israel. And arabs are also people in land of israel. And majority of these arabs are really lost jews converted to islam long ago. So there it is, 1/3 will indeed be saved. The jabbing shows how close the end really is, very soon and Christ will shorten the days and put an end to the scourge passing thru.

  7. Yes saints, definitely it’s predictable that the govs worldwide are inflating the vaxxed figures.
    But no matter. The anti-vaxxed are rearing their ugly heads everywhere and going after the vaxxed like zombie-ghouls hahaha I’m tongue in cheek because in fact, the anti-vaxx are the heroes and the vaxxed are the ghouls in this story.

    No matter who they are and what the vaxx-figures are, they’ll all be caught in a flash of lightning as the Bible says. They’ll be stuck and blocked in the Day of Judgment.

  8. Something Truly Remarkable is Unfolding in France, And It’s Starting to Feel a Little “King Louis-ish”
    August 1, 2021 (23h ago)

    There’s something remarkable happening in France right now, and it’s starting to feel a little “Louis XVI-ish.”
    If you’re not familiar with the French Revolution (May 5, 1789 – November 9, 1799), it was an incredible period of sweeping political and societal change in France.
    And while there were many different circumstances and reasons which sparked the revolution, it really boiled down to three main crisis points: social, political, and economic. And one of the most formidable groups spearheading the push for reform were the peasants — or as we’d call them today, the “working class.”
    French peasants were furious over rapid population growth, harvest failures, physiocratic calls for modernization of agriculture — basically “agricultural economists” seeking to revamp farming – -as well as the rising cost of dues paid out to the Lords who owned the land.
    These issues were the driving force behind the peasants’ desire to demolish feudalism in France.
    In short, the monarchy had gotten far too big for its britches, and the working class said, “enough,” and grabbed their pitchforks and took to the streets… and the rest is history.
    There was far more to it than that, but you get the picture.
    And as it always does, history repeats its self… and once again, the French working class is back in the streets, with symbolic pitch-forks in hand, protesting a government that’s gotten far too big for its britches.
    This time around, the French working class is furious over President Emmanuel Macron’s tyrannical Covid vaccine push.
    Macron is basically telling people, you either take the jab or you lose any shot at a normal life.
    Threats like that didn’t sit well with the hard-working people of France, and they came out to protest — hundreds of thousands of people.

    However, what’s happening in France goes even deeper than vaccines — many of the people who are protesting are also experiencing mounting poverty, and a country that’s been overrun with refugees — this is true especially in cities like Marseilles, whose citizens have a natural inherent distrust of authority and government — they’re like the “Rebel South” in the US.

    When you put the entire picture together, you can start to see those “Louis XVI” vibes I mentioned earlier, right?

    The images coming out of France are stunning and for those of us in the United States, who feel we’re just a hop, skip, and a jump away from this happening in our country, it’s inspiring to see brave citizens stand up and fight back against tyranny.

  9. For me, “herd immunity” as was taught in public schools decades ago – did NOT include vaccines. We were taught national pride for eradication efforts of things like polio and smallpox but also warned that they could still be flourishing in remote regions of the planet. The idea that we really don’t have tools to treat viruses has been well known but oh my, so quickly forgotten due to fear. As pointed out recently – 40+ years of HIV/AIDS and still no vaccine – yes makes this all suspect. So I am having difficulty getting with the program. Information leaking in from other nations shows that their critical thinking skills seem more intact than ours. Lastly, we know from foreign born co-workers and neighbors that medicines with the same name and manufacturer as the ones that we use are sold in their home nation but the medicines function differently in the body – often with less bad side effects because their governments do not allow the adjuvants or fillers of low quality that our government permits. So my relatives who lived in a small city and had a good profile in the community, interacting with local residents daily through their small businesses, if a bad vaccine result occurred in that community the knowledge would spread like wildfire and everyone would reject the vaccine. Highly likely that the vaccines are different depending on locale. Of course censorship too. Meanwhile, I was writing this outside when a huge hornet like creature came exploring and terrified me into the house. Dark yellow and black striped abdomen, fatter than a known hornet but huge and loud and probably gigantic stinger! Right here in the city of Glendale!

  10. JUST IN: President Biden Calls On Andrew Cuomo To Resign Over Sexual Harassment Findings 

  11. Entire NY Democratic congressional delegation now calling for Cuomo’s resignation

    The entire Democratic congressional delegation of New York has called on Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) to resign after an independent investigation by the state attorney general’s office found he had sexually harassed multiple women. House Democratic Caucus Chair Hakeem Jeffries (N.Y.) and Reps. Gregory Meeks (D-N.Y.) and Tom Suozzi (D-N.Y.) issued a statement Tuesday, saying “the time is right” for Cuomo to resign after an investigation found that he sexually harassed multiple women. “The office of Attorney General Tish James conducted a complete, thorough and professional investigation of the disturbing allegations against Governor Andrew Cuomo,” Jeffries, Meeks and Suozzi said.

  12. First Fauci, then French Pres Macron, then Wuhan China, then Antichrist OBAMA falls.

  13. Heat is on in AZ’s audit, then Michigan, Wisconsin (?) then Michigan falls.

  14. BOOM! **********Dems have gone down***********

    JUST IN: Cuomo Sexually Harassed ‘Multiple Women’ In Violation Of State And Federal Law, NY AG Finds

  15. Vaccine Lobby vs the Unvaccinated: The Global COVID-19 Faultline May Now Be Unbridgeable

    When the global COVID-19 vaccination drive kicked off earlier this year, two distinct faultlines gradually emerged, separating the relatively monolithic pro-vaxxer camp from the more heterogeneous assemblage of fence-sitters, sceptics and outright vaccine refuseniks. The new divide reflected a larger chasm that has prevailed since the watershed event of Sept 11 2001. It was a divide between those who lapped up mainstream narratives and those who instinctively questioned them.Doubts over the novel coronavirus were sown from the onset by scientific data which appeared sketchy, contradictory and outright dodgy. Big Tech’s digital pogroms against undesirable questions and expert opinions reinforced suspicions further. It was clear that earnest scientific inquiry, which thrives on vigorous debates, will not be tolerated.

    This ironically resulted in the “free world” resorting to the likes of TikTok – a Chinese platform once targeted by the Trump administration – to post their opinions and grievances, including a litany of adverse reactions to various vaccines. Despite this, Western elites still have the gall to view themselves as champions of “free speech” even as mass protests against the New Normal roil their cities.

  16. ***Cuomo faces calls for resignation from powerful Democrats in wake of AG report.***

    New York Governor. Andrew Cuomo’s remaining political support among top Democrats crumbled on Tuesday in the wake of a report that found he sexually harassed multiple women.
    Cuomo has insisted he did nothing wrong and made no indication in a video response that he will step down. But the investigation — which detailed the allegations of 11 women and found that Cuomo engaged in “unwelcome and nonconsensual touching,” among other allegations — not only reawakened calls for his resignation from familiar foes within the party but led others, including President Joe Biden, to issue fresh ones for his departure from Albany and propelled talk of impeachment by the state Legislature.
    Responding later to another reporter’s question, the President said he hadn’t read James’ report, but noted that he previously told ABC News that Cuomo should resign if the investigation confirmed the accusations of harassment.
    Shortly before Biden’s remarks, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also urged Cuomo to resign, saying in a statement that he should step down out of “respect for the office he holds.” The California Democrat added: “As always, I commend the women who came forward to speak their truth.”
    In calling for Cuomo to step down, Biden and Pelosi joined New York’s two Democratic US senators, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, who said earlier in the day that the governor should resign.
    “Today’s report from the New York State Attorney General substantiated and corroborated the allegations of the brave women who came forward to share their stories — and we commend the women for doing so.”
    New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women, state attorney general report says.
    They concluded: “No elected official is above the law. The people of New York deserve better leadership in the governor’s office. We continue to believe that the Governor should resign.”
    Four Democratic governors from nearby states also added their voices to the growing chorus of people calling on Cuomo to step down, with Govs. Ned Lamont of Connecticut, Dan McKee of Rhode Island, Phil Murphy of New Jersey and Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania writing in a joint statement that they’re “appalled at the findings of the independent investigation.”
    New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, a Democrat who has often feuded with Cuomo, called the actions detailed in the report “unacceptable to anyone, let alone a public servant,” after the mayor was read a summary of the report by reporters.
    The mayor called on Cuomo to resign later Tuesday, telling CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on “The Situation Room” that “if he won’t resign, he should be impeached as quickly as possible by the state legislature. He can’t govern.”

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