Recently, the Lord has lifted the burden from me. I feel really sad over this. Because I know that God is sad over the state of the world and how people love evil and not him. I want to go back and be burdened because I felt closer to God. Now, I feel like all the other idiot sheep thinking there is ‘hope’ in this lousy world. Its NOT good to feel ‘hope’ in the end of the world.

Anyway, enough crying, lol.


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jOBAMA Admin Bans Russian Ammo. But, Dems Are OK Giving GUNS & AMMO to The Taliban!!

jOBAMA Admin Bans Russian Ammo. But, Dems Are OK Giving AMMO to The Taliban!!!

The CommieCRAT party is filled with the absolute biggest hypocrites in the planet. No Russian ammo for American peons, but ammo galore for the TALIBAN. Helicopters, AK’s, pistols, Humvee’s ETC for the Taliban but no Russian ammo for you, America. Why? Because you American gun owners are not terrorists. They LOVE foreign terrorists. LOVE! Get yourselves a rag, put it on your head, go around screaming “ALLAH ACKBAR, TALIBAN IS GREAT” and they will probably arm you to the hilt! Tell the Dems you want to burn the city, they’ll supply you with everything you need!!!

The Democrat party makes me sick.


FABULOUS Prez Putin: Opposes Mandatory Jabs, Says: Job Loss Pressure Is ‘Even Less Acceptable’

FABULOUS Prez Putin: Opposes Mandatory Jabs, Says: Job Loss Pressure Is ‘Even Less Acceptable’

He knows the west has gone insane and can’t admit it. Pres Putin is a REAL leader. There is NO way that he would put up with the treacherous Democrat bastards in his nation–let alone a shot of poison.

Read more here: Putin Opposes Mandatory Jabs – Job Loss Pressure Is ‘Even Less Acceptable’

  • I believe Russia has a different vaccine than the west.

#CaldorFire (Cali) Has Made It To “Sierra-At-Tahoe” Ski Resort (Photos)

CaldorFire (Cali) Has Made It To “Sierra-At-Tahoe” Ski Resort:

This is so sick and sad. All of this could be diverted by:

  1. Repenting to God en mass in California. Someone should hold a GIANT prayer and fasting day and beg God for forgiveness.
  2. Change the stupid laws in California.
  3. THIN the forest.

I’m weeping looking at all of this damage. I spent a lot of time up in the Sierra’s. This is just so horrible.

They ARMED Syrian Cannibal Rebels, ARMED The Taliban, ARMED ISIS. Will SOMEONE ARREST These ANIMALS…?!

They ARMED Syrian Cannibal Rebels, ARMED The Taliban. ARMED ISIS. Will SOMEONE ARREST THE These ANIMALS…?!

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Nobody will touch these bastards!! Because that’s racccccccccccist!


#VoteTrump: #OBAMA ARMING #ISIS !!! #Trump2016 #TeamTrump ...

They ARMED Cannibal, extremist Muslim murderous psychopaths:


They have GIVEN the friggin TALIBAN ALL OF THESE WEAPONS!!!!!!!

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NOW, they’re murdering (not only civi’s by vaccine) but soldiers are being murdered by the bushel: The Vaccines ARE Killing the Soldiers

AND: State Dept. Order ‘Blocks’ Private Flights for Americans Conducting Unauthorized Rescue Missions to Afghanistan: Report–‘This is inexplicable and evil.’ 




Gun Control ‘Debate’ Is OVER: The RAT BASTARD, J’OBAMA Admin Leaves 358,530 “Assault” Rifles W/ The #Taliban.

The “Gun Control ‘Debate’ Is OVER. J’OBAMA Admin Leaves 358,530 “Assault” Rifles W/ The Taliban

The CommieCrats can go F. U. C. K. themselves forever. I will keep all of my arms. If these bastards can arm the WORST of the worst—from the getgo… then, they can take their gun control ‘debate’ and shove it up their ass.

Once again, we see that the rat bastard, traitorous CommieCrats will willingly arm terrorists but are against their own citizens being armed, LEGALLY. They are the worst sob’s that have ever walked this earth and every single day, I look more forward to God destroying these filthy, rotten, dirty, treasonous pigs.

jObama Admin Drone Strikes @ ISIS In Kabul (ISIS Is Obama’s Muslim Extremist Army)

jObama Admin Drone Strikes @ ISIS In Kabul (ISIS Is Obama’s Muslim Extremist Army)

The idiot Communist media is praising the jObama administration for ‘destroying’ an ISIS car bomb in Kabul. Isn’t that a daisy? The CommieCrats hit their own terrorist people and expect Americans to get all excited.

Anti-War Protesters Missing In Action for Obama's Wars ...

The CommieCrats have funded the radicals BIGTIME in the latest stunt in Kabul last week.


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For about a week, the Lord has lightened my load, spiritually speaking. I really was heavy spirited over all of the events that keep happening. I really don’t like when he releases me for a time because I lose my edge, get sloppy and lazy. Its just too ‘comfortable’. I would rather be at the edge of my seat. Alas, HE has given me some peace even tho I don’t want it, LOL.

I had a dream the other night: Little owls had made their home on my legs and feet. I looked down at them and said: “What are you little owls doing here!”

Tumblr: Image

I did a lot of research on the meaning yesterday and I came to this conclusion: Owls dwell in places of desertion, empty barns, deserts, (places like that). I had recently told my pal that I was in mourning for well over a year, observing the sad state of the nation and world. I believe God sent these owls to comfort me. Owls can take the desertion. They can handle lonely places. We all need to be more like owls.

May the bastards who are destroying the world be brought down to their deaths very soon.

Japan Discovers MAGNETIC Substance In Pfizer Covid Vaccines

Japan Discovers MAGNETIC Substance In Pfizer Covid Vaccines

Facebook will RUN to ‘fact check’ this. Japan discovers “magnetic” substance in Pfizer covid vaccines; journalists start DYING from the vax they pushed

This is probably why people are getting sick and dying from the kill shot.