Shocking, #Twitter BOTS Are Lobbying For A Total Lockdown In UK

Shocking, #Twitter BOTS Are Lobbying For A Total Lockdown In UK

This is NOT about a vaccine or a virus. It’s about breaking the economies of the world so we will be in complete obedience to a “NWO” Communist system. The only way they can achieve this is to break every country and person of any independence and self reliance. Klaus Schwab and the rest did such a great job of destroying in 2020, they want to enforce those lockdowns again.

I feel for you suckers who received the vaccine but I must reiterate that you get what you deserve for not listening, researching and taking heed to people who care about you. You chose the GOVERNMENT over your friends and family. Disgraceful.

All of these ‘people’ are saying the same thing. They’re BOTS.
See his synopsis here:

3 thoughts on “Shocking, #Twitter BOTS Are Lobbying For A Total Lockdown In UK

  1. As a child i heard antisenites mock jews going to the showers with no resistance in orderly compliance. Meaning they were stupid and weak. Actually while there is some truth, they were already beat down mentally and physically with guns pointing at them. What is peoples excuse to line up for a death jab whether they perish quickly or some time later? So they can travrl? Go to a ball game? Have to find another job? Esau sold his birthright for some lentil soup.

  2. It’s called “Social Proof.” Read the book “Influence,” by Robert Caldini. It shows 4 or 5
    methods that the agents of Satan use to get people to do their bidding.
    How does a male convict “work” on a female gaurd and compromises her so much that she
    eventually sleeps with him? They use the methods in the book. There’s not a “sucker born
    every minute,” there’s a sucker born every second.

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