NAZI Gov’t Shuts Down Cell Service To Unvaccinated In Pakistan

NAZI Gov’t Shuts Down Cell Service for Unvaccinated In Pakistan

This is what the Neo Nazi’s are doing to Pakistani’s. Either get that vaxx or we shut off everything. This is the NWO. This is the NEW NAZI Globalist psychopaths.

The whole world will blame the UnVaxxed for everything in their lives. Just you watch. It’s like blackmail. All of this is in the book of Revelation and it is happening FAST. The book of Revelation plainly states that you must have the ‘mark’ of the beast. The vaxxine is the beginning of the mark. The ‘mark’ is only a SYMPTOM.

Be prepared for major persecution. I’ve always been dumped on and persecuted as a Jew, online for the most part. So, go ahead you filthy Nazi pigs.

Lord, please prepare me for this upcoming slaughterhouse.

4 thoughts on “NAZI Gov’t Shuts Down Cell Service To Unvaccinated In Pakistan

  1. Fear not he who can destroy the body but He that can destroy both body and soul. I will stay human or i will be given death, payrick henry might say today. Better dead than red. Better dead than jabbed. History repleate with examples.

  2. This is a very efficent depopulation campain. Only the mind of Satan could dream it up.
    Who wins? Apart from Satan, the CHI-COMS (Who want to rule the world) and the 1%
    oligarks who want to depopulate the world. With a depopulated world the eliets can worship
    Satan away from preying eyes. They can live the life of Jeffery Epstein. Sex parties, orgies,
    child sacrfice, robots catering to their every wish. It’s like the Twilight Zone episode “The
    Lateness Of The Hour.”

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