Un-Vaxxed Are The New Jews & The Vaxxed Are The Neo Nazis

Anti-Vaxxed Are The New Jews And Vaxxed Are The Neo Nazis

That is what the vaxxed ARE becoming. I totally believe that a large percentage of the vaxxed fascists would love to see us all locked up, even killed. I wont get the vaxx. I know too much about it: PERSONAL STORIES – 1000 COVID Stories.

I haven’t gotten a flu shot OR any type of vaccine since I was 4 years old. I don’t plan to get one now. Not now and not ever. Nope. NO Russian Roulette player here but I sure know MANY duped, brainwashed dopes, INCLUDING family members who didn’t just walk to get the vaccine, they RAN to get jabbed. A vaccine that was made in a few hours. One member of the family got Covid right after the 2nd shot.

All over the media, they are basically saying: “THE UNVAXXED ARE A PLAGUE”. To who? The vaccinated? I thought the vaxx worked? I guess, like the mask, the vaxx only works if someone else gets the vaccine. YOU STUPID IDIOTS.

They are labeling the unvaxxed as a ‘plague’ or a ‘cancer’. Kinda like “All Jews are rats” (during the Nazi era) Look at the Communist dictator of NY: Cuomo — ‘Vaccinated only’ should be the new policy for New York…

Face it, Vaxxed FOOLS:



Check it out:

11 thoughts on “Un-Vaxxed Are The New Jews & The Vaxxed Are The Neo Nazis

  1. Its really out there, the potion has snake & scorpion venom nano bodies in it amongst many toxins. The venom produces many of the reactions. The devil snake sharing his serpent dna with his new flock. But the jabbed once the world wide 5g6g network turned on fully, the zombie apocalapyse begins as jabbed minds will be programmed to operate on mostly the sleepy delta waves. Thats funny, delta variant.

  2. The vaxxed have signed their own death warrents. They injected a slow acting Zyklon B
    into their veins. The Eliets DID NOT actually take the injection. They only pretended to.
    They are the Judas Goats that lead the deplorables to extinction.

  3. I really dont GET you vaxed people.
    You got a vaxx. It *should be* protecting you.
    Yet, you’re OK with people being dumped on by their GOVERNMENT AND MEDIA if a person chooses not to.

    Isnt your vaccine WORKING? You should not even be concerned with me or any other person who chose not to get the shot. After all, you got the vaxx. The ONLY people that the unvaxxed are a threat to are OTHER unvaxxed.

    I got vaxxed as a little girl against smallpox, diptheria, meningitis and more. I didnt catch any of those diseases because I had a vaccine that was studied, tested and more for 25 yrs.

    If your vaxx truly works as you believe, then I should NOT be an issue to you.

    Yet, our GOVERNMENT and MEDIA is calling *US* the plague. This is Nazi shit.

    You are either a good Liberal or you are not.

    It WILL come to a place where a person cannot buy or sell without the vaxx.

    Isnt your vaccine protecting you, John?

  4. God is protecting me the same as he is protecting you — Vax or no vax — It is God who does the protecting — God is not the least bit interested in all this political stuff — He in only interested in seeing His Chosen People walk the straight and narrow in His sight. — You of all people should know that … after all, was it not your own ancestors who stood at the Red Sea with Moses? If God could split the sea back then He surely can split the sea of this virus thing now — whenever He wants to –If He ever wants to … I think the new Pharoahs in Washington and elsewhere need to hear his exclamation again, “Let My People Go.”

  5. You are indeed a queen and you definitely should reign supreme. No doubt about that. Whoever does not like you knows nothing about beauty of person or soul. I am not always a Liberal either. I tend to accept the arguments from all sides if they make sense to me … I am not set in stone .. I can and do often change course … as the spirit leads …so pray for me …

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