WSJ: Killing #Zionists #Israel, Most Vaxxed In The World- 50% Of Sick With Delta Are VACCINATED

WSJ: Killing #Zionists – WSJ: #Israel, Most Vaxxed In The World, 50% Of Sick With Delta Are VACCINATED

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I see the Jew-hating, Communist, Globalist filth made SURE to vaccinate the Israeli’s with the kill shot more than any other country. What are the long term effects? How many will survive this paralyzing shot? How will Israel be able to fight off enemies with the IDF inoculated???

I guess Zionists aint your problem anymore, Jew-haters.

TEL AVIV—About half of adults infected in an outbreak of the Delta variant of Covid-19 in Israel were fully inoculated with the Pfizer Inc. vaccine, prompting the government to reimpose an indoor mask requirement and other measures to contain the highly transmissible strain. @ WSJ

Read this synopsis also: In Israel, the most vaccinated country in the world, HALF of all new “delta” infections are occurring in “fully vaccinated” people

BTW: CDC admits that “fully vaccinated” Americans are super-spreaders carrying deadly variants and high viral loads

3 thoughts on “WSJ: Killing #Zionists #Israel, Most Vaxxed In The World- 50% Of Sick With Delta Are VACCINATED

  1. The Bible does speak of a time when 2/3’s of Israel will be wiped out. I always thought it
    would be by a sneak chemical attack. It never would have occurred to me that they would
    use this “novel” way to do it. Only Satanic cleverness could dream up a scheme like this.
    The Headquarters of the New World Order IS located in the Pit Of Hell.
    Satan is the 2nd most powerful being in the Universe. Can’t you imagine what the 2nd most
    powerful being can do, when the first most powerful being refuses to stop him?
    God isn’t in a rush. We are living in the SECOND creation period.
    “In the BEGINNING God created the heavens and the earth.” First creation process completed.
    “And the world (became) without void.” God let it go to seed. He picked up where He left off.
    There could be MORE stops and starts. He’ll get there in the end, but He’ll take all the time He

  2. Yeppers. Scientists talk about black holes. This earth was without form and void until the first creation. Without form and void sounds like a black hole. God took a black hole and made a paradise in it. Seems time to redo is near. Praying for such is His will shortly.

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