Michael Mitchell, “Braveheart” & “Gladiator” Actor DEAD After 3rd Kill Shot ‘Vaccine’

Michael Mitchell, “Braveheart” & “Gladiator” Actor DEAD After 3rd Kill Shot ‘Vaccine’

Michael Mitchell as the Mr. Universe winner

The sad part about all of this is that he believed the people warning him to not get the vaxx were ‘pushing’ themselves on him. NO. They were just trying to warn him of what CAN happen. There are thousands of stories like this. Unfortunately, the people around these deaths are just too cowardly to admit that the kill shot did it. “Natural causes”, they say. Uh huh. Sure. Bridges in Brooklyn are for sale also.

Mr. Mitchell died the next day, Friday, July 22 in a marina cabin near his house boat. More here:

There is just NO way to keep up with this.

There are deaths all over. And, the CDC/VAERS database is CHANGING the number of the dead.

5 thoughts on “Michael Mitchell, “Braveheart” & “Gladiator” Actor DEAD After 3rd Kill Shot ‘Vaccine’

  1. Simply numbing. Ashe, this ticks me off no end. I know someone whose wife convinced hm to get the vax, I think it was the J&J. Thank God, 3 months later, he’s ok, but you just don’t know for sure.

  2. We just dont know.
    Because it is experimental.
    My Mom got it. Its upsetting to me.
    She got sick with covid AFTER she got it

  3. just sad and sickening. And latest news is israeli fuehrer bennett may put israel on full lock down in 2 weeks for month and half so as to shut down Gods holy days thru pentecost. We are in an asylum.

  4. The most efficent form of genocide ever devised. Thanks China & and 1% oligarks,

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