White Coat Summit: Vaccination Needs To STOP. “The Spike Is The TOXIN”

White Coat Summit: Vaccination Needs To STOP. “Spike Is The TOXIN”

Sorry for all of this vaccination posting but I truly believe the vaccine is very dangerous.

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7 thoughts on “White Coat Summit: Vaccination Needs To STOP. “The Spike Is The TOXIN”

  1. No sorry. Many are raising their voices and MSM keeps ignoring. Blessings for the ones speaking up against wrong. Meanwhile MSM reports daily new entities forcing vax on workers – our human infrastructure. VA called to cancel appointment today – the new Doctor isn’t there yet. (Maybe doesn’t want the required vax?) Saw my PCP 2day. She asked about vax and I was ready for the conversation but the conversation didn’t occur. Both 2day and last week this huge practice was almost empty. People just aren’t going unless they must. Even a wierd survey came in the mail – normally I don’t do but I wanted to see questions – one of the questions was “Do you trust doctors?” Hopefully they didn’t get because I didn’t submit. Creepy cause they knew exactly who lives in house. Turns out it was for (or maybe against)Mark Kelly who has been super low key since getting in office.

  2. Yes! Kelly really is Mr. Quiet!
    Probably feels guilty for STEALING the election

  3. Chinese/Eliet 1% oligark collusion. Two Satanic heads are better than one, as long as
    Satan IS the head.

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