No Masks For The Obama’s 500+ Party? NO MASK FOR ME. KISS MY MASK!

No Masks For Obama’s 500+ Party? NO MASK FOR ME.

The lying, pathetic, filthy, anus-sucking, feces-worshiping, baby-murdering, debaucherous, scumbag Leftists demand people wear the idiot mask all the time….


Trump World Turns on the True COVID Villain: Surgical Masks

I already don’t wear one. I reject the mask.

If that sack of crap, Obama & his LOSER friends can go without their masks to a huge, 500+ person party, with a bunch of sexual deviants and pedo’s….I can walk around my small town without a mask. And, don’t tell me: “They were vaccinated”. Anyone with a brain now knows the kill shot does not work.

cdc-says-fully-vaccinated-people are spreaders.

3 thoughts on “No Masks For The Obama’s 500+ Party? NO MASK FOR ME. KISS MY MASK!

  1. Age of orwell and goebbels is in place. Lies lies and damn lines is another famous line. CDC constantly puts out opposite info to its own info. Top israeli experts agree with CDC new statements yet herr bennett govt and its selected eggspurts say the opposite. Govt obedient times of israel said unjabbed are 6 times more infective than the jabbed while its shown that the disease or variants/mutations are from the jabs.

    Yesterday david knight interviewed dr. Lee merritt on this. Also david knight showed a great video on the nano fiber schwabs where magnification showed the difference of nano fiber and cotton tips. Its very apparent that the PCR nano fiber tips are indeed implanting spike proteins and other toxins on each test. If they cant jab you, thry plan to test you to death if one complys. The pcr wont chsnge your DNA like the jab but will kill you ever so slowly.
    THE CDC plays a game where all people can find statements they make that are sometimes agreeable. But they are not govt. Govt created them but they are a private corporation.

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