In Germany: “GAS THE UNVACCINATED” (How Apt)

In Germany: “GAS THE UNVACCINATED” (How Apt)

Just more proof Germany is and has ALWAYS been: LEFTIST. [Ever since they got rid of the Kaiser.]

Read it here: It’s Starting All Over Again: Only THIS TIME, it’s the ‘Unvaccinated’ They say to gas.

This Is 1938: First, They Came for the Unvaccinated: Read this and see that it is Nazi /Stalinist crap all over again. Nazis+Commies=SAME

The ‘tolerant’ are murderous scumbags and GOD WILL destroy them ALL.

You can’t fool me you murderous Leftist, satanic demons from hell.

1 thought on “In Germany: “GAS THE UNVACCINATED” (How Apt)

  1. “Nazi” is short for “National Socialist.” It was and IS always a movement of the left.
    The Italians, on the other hand were Fascist. Fascism is a movement on the right.
    Beneto Moussiline was kind to Jews. He had two Jewish girlfriends who helped him
    develop his Fascist theories. Italians always got along best with Jews. They stopped a
    death train to the Concentration Camps. Dorathy Rabbinowitz said that.

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