jOBAMA Offers $ To FL Educators Who Mandate Masks, Defying DeSantis

jOBAMA Offers $ To FL Educators Who Mandate Masks, Defying DeSantis


I blogged for 8 years under the Obama junta. I remember all too well Obama ‘getting even’ with states like Arizona… Remember when Obama sued the state of Arizona for daring to enforce federal border laws? I remember it well.

Now, he’s back and is the defacto “President”. Anyone who believes this ‘in ya face’ BS is Biden is a dummy. Its NOT Soros, either, Steven Bannon.

Click here to read full article WA Examiner.

Quote of the Day: Obama Isn't the Antichrist (but He's ...

Obama is the anti-christ. He is just sitting back, licking his chops until he can create a crisis big enough to install himself back into the WH.

Revelation 13 2-4 “And I saw one of his heads, as slain into death; and the wound of his death was cured [and the wound of his death is cured, or healed]. And all the earth wondered after the beast.”

(Past Presidents are ‘dead’ in the eyes of the public. It IS a ‘death wound’. For a past President to take the White House by force would be an evil event. Of course the world will marvel & wonder at it.)

6 thoughts on “jOBAMA Offers $ To FL Educators Who Mandate Masks, Defying DeSantis

  1. The people who say nothing during this horror show have made the burdens heavier for those Who have the courage to address it

  2. My radio is stuck on NPR but that’s OK. These posts about the long legged mack daddy are so appropriate juxtaposed with the radio. One article actually portrayed Afghan President Ashraf Ghani as out of touch because he spent a last time in the presidential library while the telly ban closed in on Kabul. No, he’s mourning the loss of accumulated centuries of human knowledge contained in that library. We all know that the telly ban only believes in one book and sculptures by Rodin will gleefully be destroyed by the Neanderthals as they burn the books. King O must be joyful.

  3. I wear a mask. I have medical problems that make me high risk and dare not take the vaccine. When I go to the store I am the only customer wearing mask and staff must wear.
    It is difficult for me to breathe but if these disgusting things are true I will be a displaced person soon. I should be allowed a vaccine exemption but the truth that my body is attacking itself is a verboten truth in our legal medical system.

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