White Man’s Music, “The Righteous Brothers”

White Man’s Music, “The Righteous Brothers”

I was talking with tednoiz and he was telling me that “Im a softy, a real mush” Lol… Yeah, I confess there is nothing more fabulous than listening to ‘evil’ white man’s music.

Without further adieu, here is the fabulous Righteous Brothers:

5 thoughts on “White Man’s Music, “The Righteous Brothers”

  1. This is indeed the cream of white culture being attempted to be snuffed out. As a child i remember and never forgot any of these songs. Due to my suspicious mind, i wonder if demise of righteous brothers was just a mechanical failure or a music agent snuffing out the competition? What blessing from them.

  2. “Little Latin Lupe Lu”

    The song that got them their name. I like to point out that races did mix contrary to what is portrayed. Today they’d probably get canceled for making a song appreciating other. Yes there was problems but also appreciation. Bill Medley wrote this song about a girl he dated in high school and when he and Bobby sang this by the base it was a black Marine who called out in appreciation “that was righteous brothers!” Soon all the black Marines called them the Righteous Brothers. They kept it.

    Plus I feel that they were smart and picked songs that the lyrics are classic – I don’t cringe when I hear them now. Yes I probably am being tedious but I am mindful that young people with a distorted history education might read this.

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