At The Ready…Because MORE Disaster Is Coming…

Digi by TMJ, June 2021

I was listening to Mike Adams giving a serious and sobering word: PREPARE YOURSELF to walk through the valley of the shadow of death.

People, friends, etc…

We are IN the beginnings of the wrath of the almighty God. For our sins as a nation and also world. We’ve murdered our children, turned men into women, flaunt abominations against the most High God and we expect to just get away with it? Paedo’s are celebrated, Jezebelic women embraced, violence encouraged, hatred that we have never seen before on a mass scale. Sexual deviancy, promiscuity, drunkenness, crackheads, heroin addicts, potions, sorcery, black magic arts, satanism, kidnapping of little children, child sacrifice, drinking of blood, evil rituals, lying politicians, treacherous ‘leaders’, we’ve bombed poor countries into oblivion in the name of ‘democracy’… and much, much more in this God hating world…

Look around you at all of the disasters.. You think this is just coincidence? It isn’t.


You can call it ‘climate change’, global warming, global cooling, El Nina, El Nino, Greenhouse effect, greenhouse gases, ETC.

But, you ARE wrong.


It’s going to get worse. Prepare yourself in your hearts and physically. God will NOT be mocked. This world has sewn destruction and it will reap the consequences.




Can’t take it?

Read the Bible:  Torah/Tanakh English Bible, Bible in One Page : King James Version KJV

16 thoughts on “At The Ready…Because MORE Disaster Is Coming…

  1. Dearly Beloved of The Lord … Your message of the coming wrath is right on target but there is a problem. Just as in the days of Noah, the God Haters are having their orgies of sin and making their excuses for sin without any fear of consequences at all. Some of them have even preached to me that a person may sin all they want to as long as Jesus is their Savior. I left a church recently because they steadfastly refused the message that included warnings against sin (I was called judgmental and hateful). A lot of that same group, like a lot of so-called “Christians” who are Christian in name only … because they performed a ritual and got themselves rubber stamped as Christians … are swimming in the muck and the mire with no thought of a reckoning at all. They cherry pick the Gospels and accept only what makes them feel comfortable in their sinful lives. Your message is absolutely on target but I have found it increasingly difficult to preach that message because we are living in the age now where people only want to hear what they want to hear. (Itching ears preaching is what they want to hear.). My entire ministry has been throttled because I refuse to preach the doctrine of “You Can Be A Christian And Live Any Way You Please.”

  2. Your message is on target, John.
    Unfortunately, this disaster of apostasy is in churches AND synagogues.

  3. All this was predicted for the last days …men shall come to the point where they will not receive sound doctrine … heaping to themselves teachers having itching ears …Men’s affections shall grow more evil …they shall become Haters of God — it is all happening right now — and the bliind remain blind and those who have ears refuse to hear …the same as in the day of Noah … but destruction will come … without warning.. like a thief in the night … and it will come at the very time when everyone who does not know The Lord will be saying “Peace and Safety.” — The sheep will soon be separated from the goats …The day of reckoning is upon us —Let us shout it from the rooftops that somebody might hear and yet be saved from their foolish ways. Keep on shouting it, dearest Sister — God bless you …God keep you … God protect you …

  4. May God bless you also.
    There is definitely no ‘peace and safety’ now. Thats for sure.

  5. U flooding AsheDina?
    That’s good news or what?
    You must be happy, and hope you’ve all set up dams to hold back and make good usage of that run-off water and not let it go to waste.
    You might have months and months to wait to see that quantity of water again, freely available at your finger tips.


    In this video there’s a section where they show how the vaxxd are chipped and they say when it gets turned on the vaxxd die. Or hey, they tell us what they are going to do via movies right? Maybe when they turn it on the vaxxd turn into zombies? I am trying to wrap my head around this – so if my vaxxd friend is at my house and collapses, I call 911 & the premise in the video is true then I have alerted authorities to an unvaccinated person (me) who they can now come and forcibly vaccinate (also seen in video?) If true then there would have to be different versions of the vaccine dependent on who you are and what your function is. LEO’s obviously can’t die when vaxxd cuz still needed. Everybody’s health information now on the web so it is possible that all have been classified as to which vaccine they can get but how can you con health workers to dispense this or that into someone and guarantee that they keep their mouth shut? Or are they all vaccine zombies already? Is this why we have mostly foreign born doctors who don’t look like us? Ugh, I have got to find that article from 2016 showing how scientists used vax ingredients to control higher functioning in Critters. Also been reading how unvaccinated are now being denied life saving surgeries and cancer treatment right here in US. So when I next go to cancer dr they’ll refuse me? Are churches preaching the vax?

  7. Also liked that APP tune. Fitting. Also don’t fooled by the imposters and :Leftists lurching. All hat and no cattle, as they say.

  8. Good news coming. The French protests have cowed and freaked out the French Establishment and TV doctors. This Saturday will be a GREAT MASSIVE RALLY in France. Messiah’s Here and Revved up to go!

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