Man Gives A WWE Style Speech @ San Diego Board For Violating Nuremberg Code. Nurse RESIGNS Over Covid Vax In San Diego

Man Gives A WWE Style Speech @ San Diego Board For Violating Nuremberg Code. Nurse RESIGNS Over Covid Vax In San Diego

He yells like Hulk Hogan.. GOOD! LET THESE COMMIE NAZI Bastards have it!


Both may not embed correctly. So, you will have to go watch it on Bitchute.

This Nurse stood up to a bunch of Left wing windbags and resigned before the whole board!


Good going! God bless you both!

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  1. You can’t get disability when you have a condition that TPTB refuses to recognize. So all these people sick from the vaccine and no longer able to work will run out of their savings and be homeless – so where is their incentive to lie?

  2. Tiqqun Ha’O’lam. Building the 3rd Temple. The mitzva dedication which defines the k’vanna of the anointing of the bnai brit Cohen nation — as Moshiach.

    Alchemy – a philosophical attempt to rationally understand natural properties found within nature. Also referred to as “natural science”, this study dominated the best minds in countries from China to Europe. According to René Descartes’, a French philosopher, mathematician, and scientist, the inventor of analytical geometry. His philosophy classified “reality” into a metaphysical mind–body dualism. He theorized two types of substances, which he called – matter and mind. According to his philosophy, Physical “matter” qualifies as deterministic and natural—and so belongs to natural philosophy. Whereas everything that occurs within the “mind” exists as conscious, personal choices; and therefore non-natural. Consequently Descartes excluded human thought, dreams, and visions – as processes outside the domain of “natural science”.

    Plato, the Stoics, and even later Gnostic speculations favored ‘a Demiurge’; an artisan-like figure responsible for fashioning and maintaining the physical universe. This concept attempts to degrade the monotheistic Biblical Creator of the Universe. The Gnostic idea of ‘the demiurge’, qualifies as an interpretation which postulates the lower status of the Biblical God within the Genesis creation story. This ‘demiurge’, an inferior lesser God, fashioned the universe in obedience to the command of some ‘other’ all powerful God.

    Gnostic ideology reflects an idea, something akin to a bi-polar dualism. It views the material universe as evil, while the non-material world as good. The Gnostic notions about the evil nature of the demiurge, and the Pauline concept of “Original Sin”, both theologies piggyback the need for a some messiac figure to save man-kind from sin. The demiurge creator of the physical world, closely compares to the Xtian mythology of the fallen Angel Satan. The Church leadership during the Dark Ages rejected the Gnostic Gospels, they condemned Gnosticism as a heretical theology of messiah Jesus.

    But both the Pauline ‘fall of Man’ and the Gnostic ‘Demiurge’, qualify as teleological theologies; physico-theological, or argument from design, or intelligent design etc arguments. These postulations, their conjecture rhetoric attempts to interpret the Biblical Creation of the Universe story, and the pressing need of ‘fallen Man’ for some divine savior\redeemer. All the Gospel stories depict the sin-less nature of messiah Jesus. This divine messiah, He saves the human race from the sin of Adam who ate from the Tree of Good and Evil, and consequently brought the curse of death upon all humanity. The sacrifice of sin-less Jesus serves to atone for the inherited sin: the racial humanity of Man. Race, comparable to the multitude of spoken languages, forever divides Man against himself.

    The alchemy expressed in Aristotle’s philosophy, the latter offers 4 explanations which attempt to contain the question “Why” concerning the Creation of the Universe – divided into a so-called Magnum opus: Material, Formal, Efficient, and Final ((Causes)). These 4 “causes” compare, so to speak, to the theory of Gravity, and its influence and impact upon physical matter. The ancient attempts to classify motion compares to debates over evolution in modern day parlance. About as useful as tits on a boar hog; on par with the 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial – a lot of highfalutin hogwash which accomplished absolutely nothing.

    Classic alchemy practiced during the dark and middle ages sought to transmute an inferior substance into a valuable substance. This “science” became known as chrysopoeia, the search for the philosopher’s stone – meaning the artificial production of gold. This search for the holy grail\philosopher’s stone also included attempts to discover elixirs of immortality – panacea cures for all diseases.

    Jewish alchemy views mitzvot as something which surpasses the value of gold. Hence the secret פרדס kabbala taught by Rabbi Akiva wherein he explained the revelation of the Oral Torah revelation to Moshe at Horev; the chrysopoeia of rabbinic Judaism seeks to transmute rabbinic mitzvot unto Torah mitzvot. The kabbala taught by virtually all the prophets of Israel centered itself upon defining the k’vanna of tefillah, as expressed through the Shemone Esrei.

    This alchemy, also known as Tiqqun Ha’O’lam seeks to rebuild the Temple of Jerusalem – a mitzva which the anoited Moshiach achieves. The alchemy of this esoteric concept of faith, transmutes wood and stone used to build the Temple of Solomon —– unto righteous\tohor halachic rulings which establish the diplomacy of justice among and between the Jewish people within the borders of our homeland. Expressed through lateral common law courtrooms based upon the model of the Great Sanhedrin; how these halachic precedents define the k’vanna of each and every Mishna. To likewise affix, through wisdom, that defined Mishna to a specific blessing within the language of the prophetic Shemone Esrei. This secret wisdom requires knowledge of how to learn the k’vanna of esoteric Aggadita and Midrashic stories – wherein students of the Talmud affix prophetic mussar as the defining k’vanna of halachic mitzvot.

  3. Is THIS happening in YOUR synagogue, Rabbi?

    2 Chronicles Chapter 5
    13 it came even to pass, when the trumpeters and singers were as one, to make one sound to be heard in praising and thanking the LORD; and when they lifted up their voice with the trumpets and cymbals and instruments of music, and praised the LORD: ‘for He is good, for His mercy endureth for ever’; that then the house was filled with a cloud, even the house of the LORD, 14 so that the priests could not stand to minister by reason of the cloud; for the glory of the LORD filled the house of God.


  4. Do you understand that is what is SUPPOSED to happen in a shul/synagogue?
    If that was happening in the synagogue, you realize how people would strand Church-ianity and flock to the synagogue instead?

  5. Positive Time Oriented Commandments: The Rif halachic commentary to ראש השנה

    As the blowing of the shofar on Yom HaDin upon the Brit employs 3 basic notes: takeah, truah, and sha’varim, in like as similar manner the תרי”ג commandments have 3 fundamental branches: positive, negative, and positive time oriented commandments. My chief criticism of Talmudic scholarship made by the era of Reshonim, which includes the Zohar, their abysmal failure to address how the Talmud transmutes rabbinic halachot unto positive time oriented Torah Commandments, carried out through the mitzva of tefilla.

    Remember my first year in Yeshiva, when I requested a shiur on the Siddur and the inability of those rabbis and Torah educated members of the Shul to explain the 42 letter Divine Name and other basic fundamentals with any rational comprehension of “Why”? The mystic chassidic works on the Siddur speak in the language of gobbledygook, which compares to me speaking the language of dog – it evokes laughter, but not respect from my family.

    Then came Rabbi Aaron Nemuraskii, he integrated Talmudic scholarship as the basis by which to interpret the k’vanna of the positive time oriented Siddur. Repeatedly he emphasized to me, just as the Gemara stives to interpret the k’vanna of the Mishna, post sealing of the Sha’s Bavli scholarship should study the Talmud to interpret the k’vanna of the Shemone Esrei, the kre’a shma, the relationship between Hallel to the Pesukei dezimra, the inverse order of the Shabbat Musaf tefilla compared to the distinction in k’vanna between saying the kre’a shma in the morning to the evening – learned in turn, from acceptance of the blessings and curses of the Torah. Rabbi Nemuraskii repeated over and again: mitzvot learn from other mitzvot, like metal sharpens metal.

    The Reshon p’shat schools, other than Rashi’s Chumash commentary, tends to isolate subjects rather than integrate their p’shat specific subjects to a comprehensive Big Picture idea. Rav Aaron by sharp contrast he stood Yiddishkeit upon two legs: Bavli & Siddur. Scholarship which failed to unify Talmudic wisdom together with Siddur k’vanna, Rav Aaron questioned the validity of any such “scholarship/research”. Avodat HaShem: first and foremost, accomplished through the mitzva דאורייתא of tefilla. As the commandment of the Red Heifer limits korbanot avodat HaShem, in like and similar vein, tefilla demands the dedication of tohor middot. Rav Aaron did not cry over spilled milk. We don’t have the ashes of the Red Heifer, therefore we all live our lives condemned to tuma. Bunk, complete and utter narishkeit; a losers’ excuse as to why he lost the game!

    Postive time oriented commandments require the dedication unto HaShem of Torah and Talmudic defined tohor middot. Tefilla as a Torah commandment does not depend upon sacred wood and stone in order to worship God. By the terms of the brit faith, the Spirit of HaShem (think blowing the Shofar) lives within our hearts. Transmuting Talmudic halachot as the definition of a given Mishna; affixing that given Mishna to a designated blessing within the Shemone Esrei kabbala, defines the substance and heart of all Talmudic scholarship from Rabbi Akiva to the present day!

    Halachic debates over p’sok halacha, it compares to the frumkeit: up turned nose of holier than thou. Unlike the opinion of Descartes philosophy, the heart and soul of all Yiddishkeit hinges upon the k’vanna of the dedication of tohor middot through the mitzva of tefilla. HaShem. We call to judge the k’vanna of our heartfelt dedications: like as happened in the story of Cain and Abel. If thereafter we happen by chance to accomplish and keep physical halachot – Yofee. But halachic observance of mitzvot, far from the main event in Torah faith. If a Jew presented an external picture of being totally secular, barring murder or making public desecration of the Torah … but in tefilla that “secular Jew” dedicated tohor positive time oriented halachic determinations of the k’vanna of a specific Mishna, joined with Aggadic or Midrashic p’shat of prophetic mussar, then that Jew qualifies as a very righteous Torah observant Yid – no body the wiser other than HaShem alone.

    Not the ritual observance of halachot which makes a Jew faithful and righteous. Rather the dedication of tohor – Torah NaCH Talmud and Midrash defined middot – unto HaShem as a Duty of the Heart wherein HaShem judges the faith of all Yidden on Yom HaDin upon the Brit. Contrast this judgment of all Yiddishkeit with this informative piece of modern scholarship:
    ZOHAR (called also in the earlier literature Midrash ha-Zohar and Midrash de-Rabbi Shim’on ben Yoḥai):
    By: Joseph Jacobs, Isaac Broydé

  6. Quoting words spoken by a prophet of Israel does not in the least bit place you on par with the prophet, whose word you quote. Understanding the language of a prophet requires a lot of research and thought.

  7. I spend time with HaShem. I understand his words as I have studied them for decades already.
    I, of course have an understanding being Sephardim because its in my blood.

  8. The word “I” used 4 times in one paragraph. The Baal HaTanya taught the concept of ‘bittal’, reducing the self centered I unto a more humble i. All belief systems: totally unreliable because the first word of any and all belief system … I.

  9. An individual studies the scriptures for decades … that’s better than thousands of people studying the scriptures for decades?

  10. Look Rabbi, Im talking to you (as a person) not a nation.
    All you have is words from other people. Just words. Thats all. Words.
    Your religion should be called “OTHERS WORDS“.

    Here are the FACTS:

    YOU come to this blog, you write books for us that are filled with words. Just words. Nothing really spectacular.

    You come here on OFFENSE, telling me that I am trying to ‘pros·e·lyt·ize’ YOU.
    Then, when I type something like ‘saved’ or ‘delivered’ FROM the JEWISH Torah or Tanakh, you get all ‘up in arms’ and feel the need to defend yourself against me. Lol.
    Its really quite comical.

    We already know you don’t believe Jesus is Gods son (even though Job Chapter 1 vs 6 says: Now it fell upon a day, that the *sons* of God came to present themselves before the LORD,)
    So, God has many sons in his kingdom and one begotten earth son.
    Which we know you choose to not believe.

    That does not mean that I cant learn from you or you cant learn from me.

    I dont have a religion at all, just have God and his spirit is with me all the time. Dont do church because its a mess. Dont do the synagogue up here because I detest female Rabbis.

    I like you but you are on offense and defense and I never tried to hurt you nor do I wish to.

  11. Torah scholarship, not limited to black suits and furry hats. Torah scholarship addresses the needs and interests of all peoples living within the borders of Torah based society! Torah scholarship does not ignore the needs and interests of folk who do not practice or believe in the Torah. Torah scholarship represents the wisdom of the Jewish people throughout the thousands and thousands of years that we have lived upon this Planet. Torah scholarship comes down (think distilled whiskey) to a very simple idea: can the Cohonim people rule the oath sworn lands with just righteous tohor justice?

  12. The problem with the ”new testament”, that collection of books never once brings the Name revealed in the 1st Commandment at Sinai. The Name – exists as living Spirit, not a word. Despite the declaration otherwise as written in the opening pages of the book of John’s gospels. Hence Jewish law forbids to pronounce the Name according to the grammar of its four letters, b/c the opening account of Creation the Name blew his Spirit into clay, transforming this clay into a living man – named Adam. Pronouncing the Name, as revealed at the Sinai revelation, perverted and defiles the Spirit of the Name unto a common word.

  13. Both ‘saved’ and ‘delivered’ are in the Torah.
    I never saw it as “Christian noise”.

  14. My family were secular, non religious Jews (on my Moms side)
    So, of course I dont know much abt the Talmud.
    My Jewish ‘culture’ consists of eating at Jewish delis, enjoying bagels, singing Hava Nagila & Hatikvah, the Dreidel song, Passover, being featured in Jewish entertainment magazines, supporting the JTF and the JDL, fighting Nazis and burying commie Israel haters.

    I know this website refutes Jew hating claims and I use it to debunk the defamation of Orthodox Jews all the time.

    My husband grew up in a religious Jewish family and knows nothing much about the Talmud.
    Since I consider Him to be the best Jew in the planet, think I’ll be OK 😉

  15. Psalm 56:1
    14 For Thou hast delivered my soul from death; hast Thou not delivered my feet from stumbling?

    Psalm 86
    13 For great is Thy mercy toward me; and Thou hast delivered my soul from the lowest nether-world

    Psalms 116
    4 But I called upon the name of the LORD: ‘I beseech thee, O LORD, deliver my soul.

  16. The translation “delivered my soul”, not based upon the tradition of the 13 middot ie the Oral Torah. How does HaShem guard the chosen Cohen nation? Through the dedication of the 13 tohor middot wherein the generations dedicate our lives to the service of HaShem. Herein defines the intent of those Psalms.

  17. Delivered in Mechon Mamre:

    and the name of the other was Eliezer: ‘for the God of my father was my help, and delivered me from the sword of Pharaoh.’
    Exodus Chapter 18: 4

    14 though these three men, Noah, Daniel, and Job, were in it, they should deliver but their own souls by their righteousness, saith the Lord GOD. Exodus 14: 14

    6 The righteousness of the upright shall deliver them; but the faithless shall be trapped in their own crafty device.
    Psalms 11: 6

    Deuteronomy Chapter 3 דְּבָרִים
    And the LORD said unto me: ‘Fear him not; for I have delivered him, and all his people, and his land, into thy hand; and thou shalt do unto him as thou didst unto Sihon king of the Amorites, who dwelt at Heshbon.’

  18. “Saved” in the Mechon Mamre:

    10 And He saved them from the hand of him that hated them, and redeemed them from the hand of the enemy.
    Psalms 106: 10

    4 O God, restore us; and cause Thy face to shine, and we shall be saved.
    Psalms 80: 4

    4 Praised, I cry, is the LORD, and I am saved from mine enemies.
    Psalms 18

    13 They cried unto the LORD in their trouble, and He saved them out of their distresses.
    Psalms 107

  19. I dont really know what the big deal is about the words ‘saved’ or delivered’.
    You just have an EXTREME aversion for Christians.

    The words ‘saved’ and ‘delivered’ are from the Jewish books before the Christian books.

  20. The T’NaCH does not employ the language “saved” nor the language “delivered”. Bad translations of the T’NaCH = wrong understanding of the intent of the Framers of the T’NaCH.

  21. Ok, shall concede the point, In all these cases the larger context refers to the miracle of HaShem removing victory from the hand of the oppressor. The language “delivered” represents an interpretation to this effect.

  22. You dont have to ‘concede’ ANY point.
    The Jewish Torah and the Jewish Tanakh were written BEFORE the Christian books.

    Maybe its just Christianity itself that is taking things out of context like they usually do.

  23. The kabbala of מעשה בראשית revealed.

    The kabbala known as מעשה בראשית took on perhaps its most famous interpretation by the Ari’s notions of Tzimtzum, the contraction of HaShem wherein this mystic “Jewish gnostic”, speculated upon the Creation of the physical Universe and interpreted the concept of evil. This author rejects the Ari’s speculations outright and all together – as false. Rather the kabbala known as the ‘secret of Creation’, learns from the conversion of the gere Tzeddick and equally from the נדוי declaration by a Jewish court upon a רשע. In both cases the בית דין “breaths” a ‘new creation’ of ‘human clay’ into this world.

    The din of כרת, according to the Mishna includes 36 cases. Based upon how the Talmud sages understood the relationship between the din of כרת and t’shuva; rabbis in the era of Yosef Karo sought to restore corporal punishment, of inflicting up to 39 lashes upon a רשע to prevent the din of כרת. Justice most essentially entails that a person guilty of causing damages to others, that the guilty compensates the ‘victim(s)’ for the damages endured – based upon the כלל that Man permanently has the din of מועד.

    In the case of animals doing damages, there the Talmud distinguishes between תם from מועד. The former term refers to an animal that has no history of inflicting damages. The latter term refers to an animal with a recent history of inflicting damages. Man, due to our rational intelligence, always has the status of מועד.

    All societies throughout history have sought to impose some kind of penal criminal code. Yiddishkeit, based upon the relationship of the din of כרת to doing t’shuva, upon this יסוד the Torah penal criminal code stands. The Talmudic concept which limits the number of lashes decreed upon a criminal at least one lash less, than the maximum of 40 lashes. This decision weighs the human dignity afforded even to Jewish convicts; the interpretation not to despise the dignity of our people, even those guilty of doing criminal actions. This same consideration likewise limits the sale of a bnai brit person unto slavery to no more than 6 years. And equally to the torat ha’beit as expressed through the mitzva of nidda. The mitzva of mikvah and tohorat ha’beit, a Man respects the dignity of his wife. The responsibility to determine her status as: 11 days without spotting; the husband relies upon the integrity & trust of his wife to make this crucial determination.

    In similar fashion the woman of the house serves as the guarantor of observance of positive and negative mitzvot. The Mishna excludes women from any obligation to keep – positive time oriented mitzvot. The obligation to educate children, this positive time oriented mitzva obligates only the father; women have no obligation to bear children. But women do bear children, and therefore they choose to raise their children to live a moral life: to keep & do: positive and negative commandments. The papa bears the burden to teach and educate his children how to da’aven with k’vanna.

    G’lut on a national level exists as the דאורייתא din of כרת. Therefore each ראש השנה Yom HaDin upon the Brit: it weighs the t’shuva made by the Jewish people during the High Holy Days. T’shuva interlinked, a strong connection, to the kabbala of מעשה בראשית. The Cohen nation does not exist as some genetic inheritance passed down from generation to generation based upon the racial DNA of the Jewish people. On the matter of nature vs. nurture – the primary, even secondary priority of a person choosing to live a Torah cultural lifestyle far surpasses in order of importance the genetic DNA which a person inherits from either parent.

    A physical Jewish inheritance only guaranteed that a g’lut Jewish refugee person(s) would endure racial oppression and injustice at the hand of Goyim barbarians throughout and across all of Europe. The physical race of a person does not determine whether that person pursues righteousness and justice as the primary reason for living on this earth. In animals genetics, breeding determines whether an animal becomes a predator or prey animal. Man, does not qualify as an animal; even though barbarians have chosen to behave as predatory animals – throughout recorded history. The essence of tuma witchcraft, it invites predatory animal spirits to dominate and rule the human mind.

    On this precise point, wherein the sages within all the pages of the Talmud seek to define and dedicate tohor middot דאורייתא ודרבנן unto HaShem – by swearing an oath dedication\”anointing”. This tohor avodat HaShem stands in stark contrast: black fire vs. white fire to the dedications made through tuma avoda zara. A Cohen who dedicates a korban, while breathing tuma spirits – that korban qualifies as an abomination and the Cohen under the kabbala din of מעשה בראשית – כרת; that Cohen person all together ceases being a bnai brit Jew. Herein explains the k’vanna of the din which begins on ראש השנה and sealed on יום כיפור.

    Torah spirituality has zero to do with racial genetics and everything to do with dedicating a lifetime walk before HaShem to pursue righteous justice among the chosen Cohen nation within the borders of ארץ ישראל. The 3rd chapter:
    דתנן: כל השופרות כשרים, חוץ משל פרה.

    Here the Gemara teaches the יסוד of the difficulty\answer style employed throughout the Sha’s Bavli — a prosecutor cannot likewise assume the legal role of an advocate. The difficulty\response style employed throughout each and every page of Gemara, expresses the quality of a בית דין: wherein one judge has the role of prosecutor and an opposing judge, assumes the role of advocate for the defense. Rabbi Yechuda taught this concept of faith in the Mishna of ברכות as בכל לבבך\כם, his interpretation of the k’vanna of the mitzva of kre’a shma.

    The sages excluded the horn of a cow, due to the sin of the golden calf. The mussar of the golden calf: Aaron translated the Spirit Name of HaShem into a word. HaShem caused his Spirit to dwell within clay, and therein caused Adam to breathe life. Avodat HaShem eternally divides and separates spirits from words; just as words and actions likewise exist separate and different from one another. Herein explains the k’vanna of the kabbala of the כרת din of מעשה בראשית, and its relationship to the t’shuva we do during the month of Elul and the din known as the High Holy Days.

  24. I already told you. The NT is not a Torah or even a Tanakh.
    The NT is comprised of 4 testimonials of Jesus.
    The rest is letters to the church
    The last book is a prophecy of the end age.

    The distortion is Christianity’s lack of understanding the Torah/Tanakh.

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