Pfizer’s Scott Gottlieb Is A Bolshevik, Fascist “Jew”

Pfizer’s Scott Gottlieb Is A Bolshevik, Fascist “Jew”

Authored by David Ben Moshe:

Here we have a good little Bolshevik Jew who wants all American’s vaccinated no matter what injury or death occurs. What happened to my body, my choice or does that only work on Bolshevik, Leftist issues?

We no longer have to fight Jew haters. All we have to do is look for Left wing Jewish idiots–they create Jew-hate.

See this story at Leo Hohmann’s The fascist takeover of America is now almost complete

Remember I told you that this Bolshevik Jew helped America sink into totalitarianism.

NEA Venture Partner Scott Gottlieb, M.D., Nominated to be FDA Commissioner  | NEA | New Enterprise Associates
Fascist Jewish putz.

8 thoughts on “Pfizer’s Scott Gottlieb Is A Bolshevik, Fascist “Jew”

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  2. He served as the 23rd commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under the Trump Administration. Does not seem likely that President Trump would have favored a left wing Bolshevik … LOL especially seeing that the Bolshevik revolutionary Party ceased to exist once Lenin seized power.

  3. Bolshevism is an ideology. It doesn’t just go away. It’s operating in the US govt. you know this.

  4. Mensheviks and Social Revolutionary anarchists too based their parties upon an ideology. And yes those parties – all extinct.

  5. They are all very much alive and operating in most western governments and anyone with a brain can see this today.

  6. AND, my husband is totally correct in his post here. Gottlieb is a Bolshevik FASCIST piece of garbage

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