Vaxx Damaged Nurse Gives Warning:

Vaxx Damaged Nurse Gives Warning:

This video linked below is just sad. A young Nurse totally gone, looking like she has epilepsy. Nobody in the government or media can admit they experimented on people and destroyed their lives. Its heartless. Not only do they keep silent about this experiment, they go out of their way to keep it hidden. Its monstrous.

“I am a nurse. I’ve had loved ones and patients die from Covid.. so yes it’s real, not saying it’s not but the vaccine almost cost me my life. Traumatized my family and for what?? For me to have to give up nursing because of the lingering side effects that no one knows how to treat.

If you want the vaccine great. If you don’t great. Do your research. I’m one that now is living with daily side effects of a vaccine I got 7 months ago.”

Source @Anastaci91

If you think that one was bad, see this: