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For about a week, the Lord has lightened my load, spiritually speaking. I really was heavy spirited over all of the events that keep happening. I really don’t like when he releases me for a time because I lose my edge, get sloppy and lazy. Its just too ‘comfortable’. I would rather be at the edge of my seat. Alas, HE has given me some peace even tho I don’t want it, LOL.

I had a dream the other night: Little owls had made their home on my legs and feet. I looked down at them and said: “What are you little owls doing here!”

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I did a lot of research on the meaning yesterday and I came to this conclusion: Owls dwell in places of desertion, empty barns, deserts, (places like that). I had recently told my pal that I was in mourning for well over a year, observing the sad state of the nation and world. I believe God sent these owls to comfort me. Owls can take the desertion. They can handle lonely places. We all need to be more like owls.

May the bastards who are destroying the world be brought down to their deaths very soon.

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  1. Sometimes I happen to see some animals. I meet them in particular moments of my life and each of them has a meaning.
    The presence of the owl announces the change. Ability to see beyond deception and masks. Wisdom. The traditional meaning of the owl spirit animal is the herald of death, most likely symbolic as a life transition, change. 😀

  2. Hi Pauli, Paris is turning into Woodstock Pop Festival with people sitting down on the streets. Look at this it’s hair-raising. Remember the articles that went viral last week of people picnicking on the street facing the restaurants? Well that was in Reims.

    Now it’s in the centre of Paris: the Rue Montorgueil; they’re siting up and down that street and clogging it up just like a pop festival like Woodstock. People are taking back the streets. This is GOING ROGUE. Can you post it maybe?  https://twitter.com/LE_GENERAL_OFF/status/1433867790725914642

  3. English live-feed to the Paris Sept 4 protests. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBJlFRdTeLs

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