jOBAMA Admin Bans Russian Ammo. But, Dems Are OK Giving GUNS & AMMO to The Taliban!!

jOBAMA Admin Bans Russian Ammo. But, Dems Are OK Giving AMMO to The Taliban!!!

The CommieCRAT party is filled with the absolute biggest hypocrites in the planet. No Russian ammo for American peons, but ammo galore for the TALIBAN. Helicopters, AK’s, pistols, Humvee’s ETC for the Taliban but no Russian ammo for you, America. Why? Because you American gun owners are not terrorists. They LOVE foreign terrorists. LOVE! Get yourselves a rag, put it on your head, go around screaming “ALLAH ACKBAR, TALIBAN IS GREAT” and they will probably arm you to the hilt! Tell the Dems you want to burn the city, they’ll supply you with everything you need!!!

The Democrat party makes me sick.


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  1. No, I didn’t hear about the lightning strike of the Washington Monument. Thanks for telling me.

    Here is one that happened this past week:

    Gateway Pundit: 26 August 2021, “Lightning Strikes Outside White House Minutes Before Biden Delivers Remarks on Kabul Blasts That Killed at Least 13 US Servicemen”

    There is no doubt that the Lord is getting a lot of people’s attention. We have a wicked, illegitimate regime trying to destroy this country. I believe the Lord’s mercy is running out.

  2. About the lightning strike of the George Floyd mural. Lightning usually strikes tall structures or structures that have metal in them. The George Floyd mural was painted on a brick wall. Since when does lightning strike a brick wall? Does brick conduct electricity. Also, it was a perfect strike: the lightning struck the face and that was it. It reminds me of the Hebrew word “paga”:

    INTERCESSION (Strong’s 6293 Paga)

    The word paga translates many ways and when taken together, a powerful type of intercession is seen.

    1. An intercession that destroys the King’s enemies.
    2. An intercession that hits the exact mark.
    3. An intercession that is involved with praying for the lost.
    4. An intercession that sets boundaries.
    5. An intercession that is violent against the kingdom of darkness.

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