New Book By David & Avi Epstein: PRAYER OF ADONAI, “Lord’s Prayer In Hebrew”

New Book By David & Avi Epstein: PRAYER OF ADONAI, “Lord’s Prayer In Hebrew”

My friends, (who are like me: Jewish & Christian) have written a new book. I linked up the Epstein’s other book: David and Avi Epstein, Marriage of Fire: Your Marriage and the Jewish Jesus.

This book covers:

The Hidden Meanings of the Hebrew Words Spoken by Jesus in the Lord’s Prayer.

The Hebrew Language Holds a Treasure Trove of Secrets.

This is the Prayer where Jesus teaches you how to pray in the way that God will hear you and answer you.

The original Hebrew words open up to you the riches hidden there for every believer who prays this prayer and the blessings that God has for you when you do pray it.

Now when you read this short book in about an hour, and you Pray the Lord’s Prayer of the Jewish Messiah using the hidden Hebrew root word meanings, you will discover a depth and tapestry of meanings that were not visible before.

You will find Life changing secrets hidden in the Hebrew words.

I am sure you will be blessed in reading it, considering they have some surprises in the hidden wording of the Lord.