Israeli Soldiers: Forced Jab In Middle Of The Night

Israeli Soldiers Forced Jab In Middle Of The Night

By David Ben Moshe

This inoculation is making people very ill. It has killed many. Are the leaders in charge of the Israeli government allies with David Duke or Andrew Anglin? Why is the Israeli government violating the Nuremberg code? And, what’s more, against Jews?

5 thoughts on “Israeli Soldiers: Forced Jab In Middle Of The Night

  1. To quote elvis, ‘im all shook up’. Knew this was all coming for yrs but it here now is the shock. Ive watched a long time as people of jewish ancestors have moephed into blind not sees. I knew who some were all along but am shocked on others i should have known. Call it blind optimism making excuses for those i dont wish to be evil. The israel govt yrs ago passed a law that a jew cant be a not see. It has teeth to arrest. At first i thought the law insanity. At a second look it seems quite sane and i agree a jew cant be a not see, like a believer cant be an unbeliever. A jew or a christian can convert to not seeism. Cant be both. Its one or the other. Judgement is fully upon the earth and that includes israel. I know what israel borderpolice are like. I try to avoid them. Like not see youth they are young and brainwashed to follow orders. And being the computer image generation are controlled easier. Yes they do good when good orders come but do also evil when evil orders come. Its all a game. Enemys all under satan fight one another but behind the scenes consult. Army sharoshooters with 22 rifle can easily pop balloons but then there wont be airstrikes on empty buildings and bigger conflict every few years. Its a satanic game using us all. I trust God only and some servants he has touched.

  2. For us who are fighting against becoming Nazi’s…..we must continue.
    It is totally sad tho, I agree.

    We support the people IN Israel who are NOT nazi and the 144K.
    THAT is why we support Israel.
    NOT because of the government or its followers there.
    God will fight for Israel on behalf of the ones that love him in Eretz and this is why we support the people of the land of Israel.

  3. I just hate those that use the bless israel to be blessed and curse israel to be cursed both wrongly or too too rightly. Cannot ask to bless a secular pagan and even satanic leadership of modern israel. But the people are due as much prayer and blessing as can be offered till that full third prophesied comes to Christ. Israel was recreated by God. That God used the evil people in power to bring it back does not make israel not legit. God uses shakers and makers be they good or evil. Modern israel parallels americas creation of evil and good converging at same time to build a nation. Inside both a constant battle between good and evil to control. As this is the end time, the evil now has full upper hand. Its down to just wheat and tares. The wheat must unite despite all their differences to survive and stop with generalized labels.

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