Please Use The “TOR” Browser To Access “The Mad Jewess”. SCREW GOOGLE!

Please Use The “TOR” Browser To Access “The Mad Jewess”. SCREW GOOGLE!

Google has wiped me off their stupid, Communist engine. Google left a ‘warning’ that friends of mine are getting in their emails: “Unsafe, this site may be trying to ‘steal your identity’. Which is a LIE because I am under the “WordPress” host and server. I can’t ‘steal’ someone’s identity with trojan horses and what not. Your information only shows the IP of your city net provider. That’s it. I have NO way of knowing where people live FROM this blog. Furthermore, I don’t care where you live.

So, to make things easier for you:

Here is the TOR Browser: Tor Project | Download

I would also encourage anyone to ditch Google and use DuckDuckGo — Privacy, simplified. generated Image

7 thoughts on “Please Use The “TOR” Browser To Access “The Mad Jewess”. SCREW GOOGLE!

  1. Doesn’t surprise me. I used to use Start Page for search for 10 years but had to switch to Duck because of old FF browser. (Start is good and will actually respond to people) Seems the only threat they all aren’t worried about is the real one. I give Google zero use. Bastids

  2. The Devil is stepping up his attacks.
    Mandatory vaxxing masses of Americans now.
    The only way is to turn to the Messiah.
    Do it right now.

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