The Vaccinated Walk Around SCARED To Death Of Covid While The Unvaccinated Aren’t Frightened At All.

The Vaccinated Walk Around SCARED To Death Of Covid While The Unvaccinated Aren’t Frightened At All.

In a sane world, people who received a vaccination would not walk around in fear because they received the ‘magic potion’ serum. But, not now. These are magnificent, evil times. A strange age. A Twilight Zone, indeed … where everything is bass ackwards.

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From the beginning of this Communist instigated virus, I was not afraid. Around me were people who looked like chickens without heads…like scared little girls.

I remember when the Leftist-Globalist schmucks ‘allowed’ us to start going to the store, (how thoughtful…) My husband and I were the ONLY people without masks. The fools with the masks gave us the dirtiest looks. I just smiled back, thinking: ‘Aren’t your masks safe, you silly flibbity-gibbits?’ I would ask these fearful, little, toddler, bed-wetting adults if their masks only worked if I wore mine. It’s kind of comical but it’s definitely lunacy run amok.

At present, its the Vaccinated, scared chickensh’t bastards that are walking around filled with horror-movie type paranoia. They are vaccinated but their vaccine does not work if you don’t get a vaccine, also. DUMBBELLS.

The unvaccinated do not walk around scared because God has removed any fright from us–all together. It’s not there. The fear of covid is non-existent for the unvaccinated. The vaxxed walk in dread because the spirit of the Lord has allowed them to be so. God has sent the frightened vaccinated camp into a delusion of complete terror. They no longer own their souls: their fear possesses them and the state owns them. Of course there are a few that are OK but not many.

Most vaccinated people I meet along the way are scared to death of Covid & the unvaccinated. They live in a type of mental prison, giving dirty looks at the free. Welp, keep giving your nasty looks. The answer is still NO.

This should be the anthem of the vaxxed.

Have pity on your vaxxed acquaintances….because they may NEVER come out of their mental prison of paralyzing dread.

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  1. This may be a bit brutal, but I will spit it out. The United States has been murdering pre-born babies LEGALLY since 1973. There is a certain percentage of the U.S. population that love to worship the god of death (Satan). So the Lord sees all of this and He says, “These people love death so much, I will give them death till it runs out of their nostrils.”

    Most unbelievers are probably getting the vaccine (or I should say, the experimental gene therapy). Most believers are probably not getting the vaccine. Unbelievers are killing themselves; the Lord is supplying the rope and they are hanging themselves. Evil shall slay the wicked. So be it.

  2. Pauli, look at a video I made on Hindi Music.

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    I was wondering. Are any of you the Anointed Ones?
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    Happy I found you people after all these years so I’m no longer alone fighting Satan Obama.

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  4. They’ve made 5 billion jabs worldwide (2 jabs for each person, at least).
    That’s amounts to a total of 2,5 billion of the world vaccinated.
    The Bible says 70% will get killed.
    Does that mean we have to still see 2,5 billon more vaxxed before Jesus comes?
    Yesterday I saw the WHO wants to vaxx most of Africa within ONE YEAR. That’s about 3/4 of one billion right there.

  5. I like your phrase “scared to death”. We can also call them “walking zombies” or “dead men walking”. These brainwashed idiots believe everything they hear on CNN, MSNBC, CBS and the rest of the Left-Wing Media Death Cult — the Joseph Goebbels Memorial Left-Wing Propaganda Network. They are part of the Global Totenkopf (“death’s head”) Cabal. All those who hate God love death.

    Four definitions for the Greek pharmakeia:

    1. the use of administering of drugs.

    2. poisoning.

    3. sorcery, magical arts, often found in connection with idolatry and fostered by it.

    4. metaphor. the deceptions and seductions of idolatry.

    Revelation 9:21: “Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries [pharmakeia], nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.”

  6. You’ll not believe that Jesus came back as the Messiah for Jews and Muslims.
    If I tell you he also returned as the Messiah of Buddhists, you’ll fall off your chair.
    But he did (and I’ve proven it to Pauli several times already and the posters here, *fell off their chairs* when I did).
    Yes indeed, Jesus is the Messiah for EVERYONE ON EARTH without exception no matter what and who they are, but we can’t be saved unless we accept Him as that person and stand up to follow Him says the Bible.

  7. We’re one big family Pauli. We all have to get along. Love each other, is the name of the game.
    But being part of the Islamo-Buddhist, Jewish world, is kind of *hairy-scary* for most of us. I got to admit that.

  8. Did you know there are Christians inside the Muslim world?
    Christians aren’t here in the USA or Europe.
    We’re new Christians here.
    They’re the old Christians before us over there: the Copts in Egypt are old Christians directly from Jesus.

  9. You know “The Scream” that is in the post. The painter is a Norwegian called Edvard Munch, a relative of mine.
    Take Jesus, the Messiah a wondrous person that enchants people that get the chance to know him.
    But you have to look out for a maverick character on par with the God Father. Half god and half demon. But kind and just to his own.

  10. You have to look at a maverick: take a wild Mongol heading down into the Mid-East sent by his Buddhist brother, both of them grandsons of Genghis Khan and the freshly established Masters of the World. He’s Hulagu, a Buddhist, but a maverick like all the Mongols are, because his mother and wife are Christians and he loves Christians most dearly. He protects the Christians when he destroys Baghdad and kills the Caliph there. The Christians weep when he does that and they welcome him while lamenting that they’ve suffered under the Caliphate for 600 years and he’s delivered them like the Messiah. It’s just simply all in the historical sources, Pauli, I can send them here and convince you he’s the Messiah (but also for his Muslim subjects, and for Buddhist and Jews alike. Indeed, it’s a Jewish minister – converted to Islam – that wrote his and his descendants in Iran’s long biography.).

  11. Why is he a loving figure, even if he’s a bit of a Godfather figure at that?
    Well, Hulagu ruled his lands (Irak, Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan and West Pakistan) replete with Christians and all varied kinds and stripes… of Muslims with live and kindness. He was also kind to Muslims, because he had only destroyed Baghdad because it was a weight on the Mongols and was putting up resistance to their rule. Hulagu had put an offer he couldn’t refuse to the Caliph, which was that he give him troops to defeat various rebellions around in Iran. The Caliph refused so that had spelt his death sentence.

  12. There’s a non-paying GLP membership. That lets you do everything but doesn’t protect you from banning. If you get the paying account, you can’t get banned. I think that’s the main difference, but the GLPers are dorks, just sayin’. lol!

  13. Godfather the kiss of death.
    Why would Jesus be a *wild one* like Hulagu? Why would he rule over Muslims with love in his kingdom but give the (very evil) Baghdad Caliph the “kiss of death” like the Godfather?
    Why would the Antichrist Obama be the reincarnation of the evil Caliph of Baghdad, who’s come back to face up with Jesus ONE MORE TIME?

    But it shows that from Iran, Hulagu created a resistance to the evils of Islam (he did so by splitting the Muslims among each other so Hulagu could “divide to rule”.) Hulagu’s life is a life like a paradise. He lived in a paradisiac place called Azerbaijan in West Iran, surrounded by mountains, fresh air, cold and snow in winter. His love for everybody there or all faiths was the life of a saint like Jesus. Like a Modern-Day Mother Theresa.

    At GLP we can go into more detail. But you must know that at GLP the articles go down in the headlines very fast. Keeping an article in the top of the list means you’ve got get “tagalong” posters, that bump it for you. They’re not nice people and will drop you whenever you turn your back to them. Best to have a gang from Mad Jewess to back you up. We can make you “fly” over there. Good going!

  14. Australians are breaking through police lines. The resistance is not taking it any longer. This is the end. We’ll lock down the vaxed now and rule the world seeing they’re sick.

  15. I know who the Antichrist is and Pauli knows it too.
    The others don’t know it. They don’t have the faith.
    I also know who the Messiah is: and I’m the only one on the planet who knows it.

  16. The Messiah comes to extend his hand to everyone without exception, but his hand also punishes in the Last Judgment. He’s kind but he’s honest. So that’s who he is. He’s the Messiah.

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