Obama: Gog, Son Of Perdition, AntiChrist Is Using Biden As His Mouthpiece:

Obama: Gog, Son Of Perdition, AntiChrist Is Using Biden As His Mouthpiece:

Natan’s video: https://youtu.be/KCu8EDCb9Ws

Linda Hasche’s video about Obama coming back: https://youtu.be/rrpJ-kPqrgM

Daryl Lawson, Obama is the anti christ: https://youtu.be/ipvvZstScN4

Lottery 2008 #’s 666 https://youtu.be/NDIcvoIaoG8

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20 thoughts on “Obama: Gog, Son Of Perdition, AntiChrist Is Using Biden As His Mouthpiece:

  1. Again, a good case for son of perdition obama but am still torn between obama and trump. Wheels going slow, and az may yet decertify biden win. Others may follow and as america collapses into misery trump could yet be reinstated loved by the masses. Obama could also retake power visibly in the anarchy but the jews of israel will never accept obama as their savior but trump they will, and that is why i still give trump an edge over obongo to be satan incarnate.

  2. Addendum; there is one way the jews of israel might accept obama as their messiah and that is most jews are jabbed and when the 5g 6g fully turned on, their brains can be instructed to love and accept obama as their free will will be over.

  3. Thank you for helping me suddenly realize that the jab mind control makes even the impossible suddenly possible. The jab changes everything !

  4. Jews in Israel won’t accept Obama. There isn’t even a scripture that says they will.
    That’s a Christian heresy.

    It states that Israel will become trodden under foot for almost 4 yrs.
    Gog/Obama will simply go into the temple by FORCE and proclaim himself as god.

    Revelation 11: 2 I was given a reed like a measuring rod and was told, “Go and measure the temple of God and the altar, with its worshipers. 2 But exclude the outer court; do not measure it, because it has been given to the Gentiles. They will trample on the holy city for 42 months. 3 And I will appoint my two witnesses, and they will prophesy for 1,260 days, clothed in sackcloth.”

  5. Trump is over and has NO antichrist attribute, Saints with the exception of thinking the jab is something special. Natan saw Obama is Gog/satan.
    Obama is using Biden as his ‘prophet’.

    Recently, Trump.. just yesterday, he encouraged America to ‘turn back to God’.

  6. Back to square one. I thought obongo was satan for a long time. My only problem is israelis will never accept him. And i was correct if their minds are intact. The jab as i stated overcomes this acceptance problem. Its a wow. I even got upset with good people that think frank marshall davis or another is obongos papa as it really is the black-arab hybrid somali from kenya. Long ago i accessed archives of 3 nairobi english newspapers and obongo was indeed born in mombasa. Even obama is hidden in letters of mombasa. Mombasa is very important. About 400+ years ago the ottoman turks raided and conquered mombasa port. They only held it a few years before the africans retook it. But as mombasa though only briefly was in the ottoman turk empire, it still means obama is from the ottoman empire. Then soetoro in hebrew is 666 in units of 600 60 6. and satan fell as barak o bama is well known in hebrew words. So i havent let loose on trump or even netanyahu return but yes obongo seems front runner again. The jab solves that one problem.

  7. Trump did nothing that is written in Daniel.
    Trump would have had to have ‘do what he pleased’, He didn’t. He didnt do anything without the Left castigating him.

    Trump didnt have any #’s coming up ‘666’, Obama did.
    Trump didnt call himself ‘renegade’, Obama did.
    Trump was just like his forefathers, Obama was NOT which is in prophecy: that he would NOT be like his fathers (the forefathers of America were ALL white)

    Trump, although weak…I cant see him attacking Israel for 42 months.
    Obama and the left wing EU nations are going to do that with some Islamic countries.

    Obama is the one who is actually USING a ‘prophet’ (mouthpiece) to push his will thru. The bible talks about there being a false prophet.
    I cant see Trump EVER using a mouthpiece as he is bloviated.
    Obama on the other hand is satanic because it is ALL about pushing thru antichrist and gog agenda.
    What is happening is all about Israel in the end.

    Anyway, I prayed for over a yr to submit this video. Its God who gave me a confirmation last night to stop ‘holding back’ with this mans youtube:

  8. Bet you didnt know that caliph omar built the dome of the rock as a jewish temple ! They built the bigger mosque on the temple mount for arabs and the dome was built for the jews to gain their support and jews did some of the construction and even donated money. The dome is the jewish temple. What hsppened is next caliph took it from the jews and made it islamic remodelled and also repaired after a quake. Jews only need clean and remove a few things and the jewish temple is already standing there.

  9. Very interesting Saints, so that means the Jewish temple is there because it was hidden by deceit by the Muslims.
    Now about Obama, you have to see that the Antichrist marches “by force” as Pauli said above.
    He steals his way in by force.
    Obama claims to the god of all faiths (including Judaism).
    Google Capers C. Funnye, the so-called black “rabbi”, who’s no rabbi at all but just a black wannabe Jew who’s founded a black Hebrew Israelite Synagogue in Chicago and happens to be Obama’s cousin. They’re the antisemitic haters that insult people on the street.. Now you’re starting to see who Obama is. He doesn’t want Jews to accept or love him. He wants to rob them and kick them out and take what they “got”. Obama’s a black, “ruin and rampage”, fly-by-night thief and a good-for-nothing thug. A black, gay, drug addicted, criminal from Chicago, that’s undocumented. He’s doing this “chimping out” worldwide now. He’s happy that you don’t like what he’s doing. Peoples’ suffering is…. *HIS PLEASURE*!!!. Because…He’s SATAN. That’s how he rolls, harming and making others suffer. Good! Now you’re beginning to get the BIGGER PICTURE.
    Plus as said, Obama’s the Abomination (homosexual) aka the Beast.

    Pauli, those flies in his face come from smelling bad (what with Obama’s sex-romps daily with Obama’s body man Reggie Love.) Flies have a field day with that stench of crap from Obama’s body.

    Pauli, you should make another video about Obama’s hidden identity. Saints can’t talk about Kenya and Obama’s claimed-to-be father Obama Sr. Simply, there’s no scientific basis for that. The birth certificate is as blatantly fake as a $3 bill. Take for example, the “father’s race” on the certificate: that’s “African”. But the word for “blacks” in 1960 was “N*gro” and not “African”. Nobody used “African” for the black race in that period. Plus the fonts used for the certificate are Microsoft Word fonts, the same as we use on our computers, such as “Garamont” and so forth….So the issue with that is that Microsoft was not even a company yet in 1960 and was only founded in the 70s. So whoever made the birth certificate was a time traveller! (lol!) and brought back computer fonts from the future- even before Gates had created Microsoft (Gates stole all the Microsoft technology to create Microsoft. It was before that fraudulent bastard had started jabbing half the planet with his poison, his untested experimental ARN messenger jabs..).

    So that proves Obama’s using a fake name and birth certificate.

    We can reveal Obama’s real name Barry Parks if you all want to do that. I’ll go with you all, (because you’re doing great work at Mad Jewess). I’m soo proud to be part of it. The AZ audit looks like it’s make great headway too. All the dominoes are falling one after the other.

  10. Pauli, I’ve known Daryl Lawson’s videos for ten years at least.
    Do you know dockidds? There are a few others too saying Obama’s the Antichrist. There’s also Victoria Jackson that says Obama’s the Antichrist. There’s Shirley Roper-Phelps Obama Antichrist of the racist haters, the Westboro Baptist Church: she says Obama’s the Antichrist.
    Check this out: https://ontd-political.livejournal.com/2699460.html

    Obama’s cousin Linda Joy Adams says the Westboro are actually cousins of their’s and that they’re involved in the lynching KKK-style of Obama’s real father Jim T. Parks. Why aren’t people interesting in investigating Adams’ claims says? Why the coverup?

  11. He’s the devil.
    Its hard for some people to see it because Obama is SO repulsive….but thats just the thing…since WHEN is satan ‘becoming’.
    He ISNT!
    He only deceives the idiots who are INTO evil.
    It says in the bible:
    “If it were POSSIBLE, ‘so that if it were possible, they should deceive the very elect’
    Possible means it COULD happen.

    Trump is not the AC because he is Christian ONLY.
    There is only ONE AC. Not possibilities of other. Just ONE: OBAMA

    Trump did not arise out of the sea of people from NO where. He was on the scene for 40 yrs. Obama came from NO WHERE.
    Obama HATES Israel. HATES.
    He will attack Israel. Natan who went into Heaven saw it all.

  12. Obama’s the False Man of Peace. Half a million killed in the Arab Spring. And that came from Obama, the newly-at-the-time awarded Nobel Peace Laureate.

    I’ve wondered about the Antichrist’s seven horns and ten crowns. (seven horns might be Obama’s seven faiths: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Black Nationalism, Socialism, Buddhism, Hinduism maybe….and ten crowns would be the ten countries associated with him that propulsed him into power; being the 1. USA, 2. Saudi Arabia – where Mecca is – 3. Israel – Obama thinks he’s the Messiah – 4. Indonesia 5. Russia – where Marxism started 6. Germany where Marx came from 7. England – Hawaii was English when Obama was born, 8. Kenya – Obama Sr is from Kenya and is Obama’s fake father 9. Pakistan? you can fill out the rest probably.)

    Dockkids makes a video every day and lots of those videos say Obama’s the Antichrist. Look at his special Obama Antichrist playlist. He’s dedicated as hell to revealing Obama. If any of you want to extend a hand to Paul, he’s very easy to get in touch with. A nice simple guy. When I asked him, he spoke about the 666 lottery draw once.

  13. I want to say clearly that Pauli TMJ is a sincere Chosen One of the Bible and a Warrior of the Apocalypse..
    She’s taking the risk of calling out the Antichrist Obama. She’s the only one here.
    All you other are sitting on the fence and hedging like cold calculating enemies.

  14. Psaki didn’t write the Bible.
    To know what the REAL MARK is I go to the Bible.
    DO you trust the Bible Pauli?
    Just askin’.

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