Military Equipment From Canada? Going Through Northern Idaho. Stykers, Tactical ATV, Tanks, ETC

Military Equipment From Canada? Going Through Northern Idaho. Stykers, Tactical ATV, Tanks, ETC

Why would all of this military equipment be coming thru Idaho from Canada?

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‘Filmed September 13, 2021. Military train loaded with tactical equipment including Strykers, ATV’s, and more. This could be routine, or is it something else. The train came from Canada traveling along Hwy 95. Can anyone help to explain this? Is this all routine?’

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  1. Tefilla – The Gemara of ברכות, the distinction of k’vanna between חיוב vs. רשות.

    The Shemone Esrei tefilla of ערבית the Gemara of ברכות employs the language רשות\optional. The Shemone Esrei tefilla of שחרית the Gemara of ברכות employs the language of חיוב\obligatory. What distinguages the k’vanna between these two contrasting terms. How does an ‘obligatory’ positive time oriented commandment switch to an ‘optional’ positive time oriented commandment?

    Next difficulty in the language of the Gemara of ברכות. Tallit – a positive time oriented commandment. The Reshonim interpret this to mean that both Tallit and tefillin – wrapped and placed upon the body – done only in the day, but never at night. What does day or night have to do with k’vanna? Positive time oriented commandments require k’vanna. These commandments do not wear a watch timepiece. The time of day plays no part in the determination of a positive time oriented commandment. For example, in many Torah observant communities Yidden wrap tallit during the ערבית Yom Kippur tefilla! This stark contrast shocked and bothered me during all the years of Yeshiva education.

    Years after leaving the Yeshiva, life as a simple בעל הבית\common man, (Did not agree to accept the title of Rabbi, till asked to join the Nascent Sanhedrin attempt in 2004). That disaster proved, at least in my own mind, that rabbinic authority had fundamental and basic issues of competence. The rabbis, as long as you did not step on their halachic toes, behaved in a courteous manner. Alas, my opposition to rabbi Yoel Schwartz bnai Noach, and his attempt to expand the mandate of the Sanhedrin unto international judicial issues, aroused my strongest objections.

    Some of the rabbis who supported the position taken by rabbi Schwartz ceased behaving with דרך ארץ, at least towards me. These rabbis demanded my expulsion as a member of the Nascent Sanhedrin. Had my behavior resembled unto a complacent poodle – to the leadership course taken by rabbi Schwartz – most probably my rabbinic peers would not have taken such great offense at my continued presence in the Sanhedrin attempt.

    Expelled from the Court, returned to living a life as a simple בעל הבית. Making a living became a full time job. Success or failure continually hung in the balance. The study of the Talmud, limited primarily to within the domains of the memory of my mind. Then exploded the issue of the ‘Women at the Wall’, the Liberal Judaism insistence on the matter of equal rights for women – specifically to place tefillen, tallit, and read from the Torah at the Western Wall. The over reaction, primarily by observant males disturbed me. It seemed to me that this dispute primarily centered among and between women, not men.

    As simple בעל הבית, chose not to get involved in this vocal dispute. But the issue of women’s equality has great merits. In my ‘personal’ life, women generally have developed far greater emotional maturity than the Men in my ‘personal’ association. Marriage with Karen immediately involved her children. They almost immediately revealed, to my utter horror and shock, the real level of my ‘personal’ emotional development. Karen refers to the retarded emotional maturity displayed by most men as – ‘testosterone poisoning’.

    In some ways my relations with Karen’s children reminded me of my relationship with my Sanhedrin rabbinic peers. Public outings and meetings required me to make plans and do research. Having married into a preexisting family of teenagers, not surprisingly it quickly dawned upon me that Karen’s children viewed me as the odd Man out. Needless to say, my relationship with all Karen’s children never developed into close ties. Acceptance and tolerance became the hoped for model. My personal influence upon these children – minimal. Learning to become a parent turned out much more difficult than originally expected.

    Only one of Karen’s children decided to make her life here in Israel. Family First became the standard whereby choices to financially assist Karen’s family and grandchildren became my creed. My place in this extended family, I served as the shadow to give them shade. My support functioned to help them shine as individuals. This clashed with my self centered emotional immaturity. Like business, my relationship with Karen’s family, experienced tactical failures and disappointments in relationships more than emotional victories. My strategy centered upon playing the long game. If my relationship to this family compared to a board game, my position on the board – very weak.

    Karen’s children, born and raised as Torah observant Jews. This totally contrasted with this Texas born baali-t’shuva. My Yatzir appetite for trief foods and free sex hedonism has never stopped. Such a Yatzir, at least it appears to me, something totally alien to Karen’s children. My involvement in the education of these children required me to develop the Baal Ha’Tanya’s concept of bittal; transforming the LARGE I, into a small i. This astonishing revelation of personal identity, it greatly contributed how to interpret the k’vanna of the difficulties in the Gemara, mentioned above, within ברכות.

    As a simple בעל הבית, sometimes unemployed working man, my focus of learning switched to the T’NaCH (sex, Jazz and rock n roll). Launching research on this Primary source caused me to develop a grasp of Rabbi Akiva’s kabbala of פרדס. Music requires its own unique musical score. Why should the rabbinic framers of T’NaCH interpretation, too not develop their own musical score. The reading of a sefer Torah requires wisdom which includes its own unique musical score. Why should the T’NaCH literature as a whole sit as ”the odd man out”? This question radically changed my approach to the study of the T’NaCH.

    The study of literature stands upon the foundations of Compare and Contrast. The body of Jewish law, ie the Talmud – by comparison – stands upon the יסוד of precedents! Therefore this rule equally applies to the study of the T’NaCH. Learning to play a trumpet requires repeating over and again and again the scales. This repetition of scales slowly imparts a profound wisdom, how to make Jazz music playing a horn. The Gemara of ראש השנה refers to blowing the Shofar, as a wisdom. Consequently, to discern the ‘wisdom’ of the T’NaCH most essentially requires development of a scale, which uniquely defines the entire body of the T’NaCH literature as a whole.

    Learning the T’NaCH לשמה, made the Divine Name the key; affixed to the Name, in a rotating pattern, the 13 tohor middot. Whenever the Name appeared in the T’NaCH, affixed a designated midda to the Name, in a continuous repeating succession. The Name lives as Spirit rather than a word. To blow the horn requires the investment of spirits. The wisdom of blowing a horn equally applies to the shofar, a horn made from a ram! Blowing the shofar therein defines the k’vanna in pronouncing the Name. Not bad for a simple בעל הבית.

    Herein brings us full circle. Women have a רשות to keep and observe positive time oriented commandments! If the mitzva of kre’a shma in the morning requires tallit and tefillen then so too the kre’a shma in the evening requires tallit and tefillen – because both mitzvot most essentially involve swearing a Torah oath. A person swears a Torah oath either by standing in front of a Sefer Torah or sitting with tefillen. The Rashi\Rabbeinu Tam contrasting order of tefillen parchments serves as a proof. The contrast between these two sets of tefillen stands upon the יסוד of the different oath britot cut at Gilgal and at Sh’Cem. In the morning da’avening, based upon the concept of making one’s da’avening from a fixed location, affixed the Rashi on the arm and the Rabbeinu Tam upon the head. In the evening da’avening, based upon the concept of making one’s da’avening from a fixed location, affixed the Rabbeinu Tam on the arm and the Rashi upon the head. Herein defines the k’vanna of ברכות on the matter of רשות, as it applies equally to both Men and Women.

    The kre’a shma has the k’vanna of swearing a Torah oath. Acceptance of the curse\blessing yoke of heaven equally requires the mitzvot of tallit and tefillen. The kre’a shma, in its time, determines the k’vanna of t’shuva made by a specific Yatzir within the heart. The t’shuva of post Adam Man, tefilla as a positive time oriented commandment, Man does not point his finger at Eve, and declares to HaShem – she did it!

  2. ‘Karen refers to the retarded emotional maturity displayed by most men as – ‘testosterone poisoning’.’

    MOST, if not all Women make me SICK.
    They are sell-outs, dishonest, disloyal, gossip mongers, supremacist pigs.

    Ecclesiastes 7 – 27 Behold, this have I found, saith Koheleth, adding one thing to another, to find out the account; 28 which yet my soul sought, but I found not; one man among a thousand have I found; but a woman among all those have I not found

  3. Ha ha, funny.
    I have not men ONE man yet that doesnt think that these modern women are what I state they are.
    It is what it is.
    Shlomo, whatever he did was a man who wrote proverbs that you use today.

    BTW: RELIGION is idol worship.

  4. All you have is OTHERS WORDS.
    Just words, Rabbi.
    Where are your visions, dreams and power? Like in the Torah.

    You just have some words of others.

    Im outta here now.

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  6. I’m sorry. I apologize for my rudeness. God showed me I was being rude.
    The last time you talked with us, you were being obnoxious and I didn’t ‘get over it’.

    Now, I will tell you about this dream I had one night, 10 yrs ago:

    In my dream, I saw a beautiful stage with curtains. The curtains opened and a scroll rolled out from the ceiling to the floor. On either side of the large scroll were 2 scrolls that remained unopened.
    When the large scroll rolled down to the ground, I saw a large photograph.
    The photograph was Rabbi Meir Kahane.
    I heard a voice which was male and had authority.
    It said, ‘May this Saint be immortalized forever.’

    You see, even tho you have no respect for us here at all, we still respect our fellow Jews even tho we are not in total agreement.

  7. 666 was sent by God and heaven to mark Obama with a curse.
    That’s what is important to say.
    We need a little help from Above.

  8. Must really suck being an exiled Xtian believer – waiting for the second coming of Jesus son of Zeus. Over 2000 years of preaching: “Jesus is coming soon”, totally stale. Time to throw this old moldy bread and wine upon the dung heap of history. Like as if the Gods, their existence, depends on what Egocentric fanatics personally believe!

    In 1948 Jews after 2000 + years of exile and persecution recaptured their homelands. Turns out all the church lies and deceit against the Jews – totally baseless and utterly corrupt. Creeds don’t amount to squat.

  9. We’re not Christians here.
    We are not into RELIGION.
    Christianity is a RELIGION.

    We are just Jews who believe that Jesus, Yeshua Ben Yosef is the JEWISH Messiah.

    Isaiah 53 says Yeshua is the JEWISH Messiah.

    Its amazing how you come here just laying in wait to attack and act nasty to us even though all of us here have stood in the gap for unsaved Jewish people for decades and even before we believed the way we do now.’

    Jesus IS coming and the book of Revelation says so. EVERY SINGLE THING in the book of Revelation is the truth & is happening now.

    Go be nasty elsewhere.
    You’re not exactly acting as a beacon for your RELIGION. because you dont have God.
    There are no fruits in you to show you have Hashem at all. None.
    No love, mercy, compassion…nothing.

    Sad really. To proclaim Judaism with NO fruits of HaShem God

  10. Jesus is the JEWISH Messiah.

    1 ‘Who would have believed our report? And to whom hath the arm of the LORD been revealed? 2 For he shot up right forth as a sapling, and as a root out of a dry ground; he had no form nor comeliness, that we should look upon him, nor beauty that we should delight in him.

    3 He was despised, and forsaken of men, a man of pains, and acquainted with disease, and as one from whom men hide their face: he was despised, and we esteemed him not. = JESUS

    4 Surely our diseases he did bear, and our pains he carried; whereas we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted. 5 But he was wounded because of our transgressions, he was crushed because of our iniquities: the chastisement of our welfare was upon him, and with his stripes we were healed.

    6 All we like sheep did go astray, we turned every one to his own way; and the LORD hath made to light on him the iniquity of us all. 7 He was oppressed, though he humbled himself and opened not his mouth; as a lamb that is led to the slaughter, and as a sheep that before her shearers is dumb; yea, he opened not his mouth.

    8 By oppression and judgment he was taken away, and with his generation who did reason? for he was cut off out of the land of the living, for the transgression of my people to whom the stroke was due. 9 And they made his grave with the wicked, and with the rich his tomb; although he had done no violence, neither was any deceit in his mouth.

    ‘ 10 Yet it pleased the LORD to crush him by disease; to see if his soul would offer itself in restitution, that he might see his seed, prolong his days, and that the purpose of the LORD might prosper by his hand:

    11 Of the travail of his soul he shall see to the full, even My servant, who by his knowledge did justify the Righteous One to the many, and their iniquities he did bear.

    12 Therefore will I divide him a portion among the great, and he shall divide the spoil with the mighty; because he bared his soul unto death, and was numbered with the transgressors; yet he bore the sin of many, and made intercession for the transgressors.

    Go argue ’til you’re blue in the face.

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