VIDEO: Grocery Store Shelves ARE Getting Emptier:

VIDEO: Grocery Store Shelves ARE Getting Emptier:

Get your rice and beans. Store up some dried foods if you haven’t. Or canned goods. Things are going to hit rock bottom like we’ve never seen. The Communists are famous for starving people to death and the Democrat party is COMMUNIST.

Food Shortages! Bare Shelves at Walmart. Prepare now!

Sep 12, 2021

5 thoughts on “VIDEO: Grocery Store Shelves ARE Getting Emptier:

  1. I think the buyers are buying less.
    They’re getting depressed.
    They don’t feel hungry and they’re stomachs are growling at the Corona-Terror.
    The vaxxed are very depressed about us not getting the vaxx but they don’t say: “Hey get vaxxed because it’s good for you”.

    No, what they say is: “Why aren’t you vaxxed, because if you don’t vaxx, then that means we were wrong to get vaxxed.”.

    They’ve getting the nightmarish “*buyer’s remorse*” thinking they mad a mistake.

    Once you’re jabbed, you CAN’T GET THE STUFF OUT AGAIN.

  2. What i find interesting is pet food from america is no longer coming in. From europe, thailand and even canada still coming in. For some reason constant orders from america just no longer come. Thus am ok on dry food but my little guys lost the only wet food they really like.

  3. France is going mad.
    They’re firing caregivers, ambulances and firemen etc… for not vaxxing.
    Some hospitals are cancelling major surgical operations.
    Wow! Big protest this new Saturday with angry nurses crying

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