Dream I Had About Prison Camps In USA:

I didn’t even want to post this because it seemed so over the top. I kept saying: “Lord, Lord, this just cant be true, it cant be true”…. But, then I woke up and remembered how the Leftists are totally destroying people’s lives with work mandates. Just like they destroy everything. Think it won’t happen here? It will. did you ever think you would see a world where the vaccinated are scared to death of the unvaccinated and the unvaccinated are not frightened at all? The vaccinated are so frightened by this that there is NOTHING they won’t do to people. Fear is a powerful weapon.

Here it is:

Still, I pray this will not happen.

Larger screen cap: CLICK

12 thoughts on “Dream I Had About Prison Camps In USA:

  1. Yes FEAR is a powerful weapon! Especially when STUPID PEOPLE are uninformed of TRUTH! I listened to Rush Limbaugh many years. Now 2 others are on program in his place. IDK how many listen to them now. I DO! And there was a guy I believe from Canada today. Talked about the RNA and SPIKE protein in the “shot” AND the false DEATHS reported on the virus! MOST deaths were NOT covid related! AND MOST DEATHS …70% were VACCINATED PPL! Yea Im TIRED OF THIS BS

  2. My thinking is a combo of all. Fema camps, locked in home as food runs out, hunted in rural areas, etc. Nazi hunter simon wiesenthal said before he passed that the jews of america will be exterminated not by military or the police but by mass hordes of citizens in killing lynchings. His topic was fate of jews but its actually fate of all Gods unjabbed christian and other flock. Dont fear. Satan cant destroy the soul of the unjabbed but only the body. God will preserve all his flock, some protected and some put to sleep a short nap. No one will be tested beyond what they can endure but many will find they can endure more than they thought. Some at their limit will be given a nap only to preserve their soul or chosen as martyr to strengthen others. I only care about surviving for those that need my help, especially animals. Trust in and pray ceaseingly to God and use a sharp mind and wit that is God given.

  3. Well Saints. I agree with much of your comments. But JEWS in America really are not the target! This ISNT a Anti Jew movement! Yea the want everyone JABBED! It dont matter age, political party, if your AMERICAN they want you jabbed! Illegals….NO! CUZ the JAB is about DEPOPULATIONof Americans! and REPOPULATION with ILLEGALS . MOST of the jabbed will be DEAD in next few years! AND im sad but MANY in my own family! I care too about surviving….GOD WILLING, to help others. BUT the other point I disagree with you on is when you say especially ANIMALS!!!! Like JEWS, Animals arent the target, unless you refer to unJABBED and GOD fearing ppl as the animals. Then I agree. I had a dream once. It scared the shit out of me. There was a ring of FIRE! I was in center! Unharmed. AND Terrible looking creatures were walking around the ring of fire on outside wanting to get at me! DEMONS!!!! Then I heard a voice. It said Walk ye in the light while you have the light lest DARKNESS overtake you. ……..I believe that was a message from God to me! DONT LET GO of the light! The TRUTH! The FAITH! Just then a DEMON rushed through the ring of fire AT ME! And I woke up! Its an unfinished dream but I know what the warning is and was! I got passive! I admit it! …We ALL need the light and to STAY there! Remember the DEVIL goes around like a Lion seeking who he can devour……He CANT if your in the light! Maybe the BODY but not the soul! LETS KEEP FIGHTING! GOD BLESS!!!!!

  4. Thanks TMJ! Im glad that finally did post! Yea it was very interesting. I do believe the end is very near. NOW more than ever we need the light! Satan and this ADMIN is desperately trying to shut the lights off! I do believe God has a purpose for me yet before the finale! And he knows that at this point, IM UNAFRAID! There was something else that happened that stuns me to this day, .. The meaning of it. It has to do with the 7th day SABBATH! It wasnt a DREAM! Anyway good night! Im not online much. Very busy. BUT GOD HAS SOLDIERS! The fight is just intensifying! Passive isnt GOOD ENUFF!

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