Why Did #ISRAEL Ban The Vaccinated Tourists? Because The Vaccine Is CRAP

Why Did #ISRAEL Ban The Vaccinated Tourists? Because The VACCINE IS CRAP

This must have went over my radar. Totally:

2 months ago, Israel banned the vaccinated. WHY?! Because these shots are GARBAGE, people. Why would a state BAN people if they are vaccinated? Because, the injection is a concoction of metals. It does nothing! It just makes people sick with something else.

And, the media is a FAT liar. Unrepentant filth! AND, their followers. The Israeli government has no honesty. They cannot even repent and ADMIT this vaccine is sh’t!


6 thoughts on “Why Did #ISRAEL Ban The Vaccinated Tourists? Because The Vaccine Is CRAP

  1. Just gets worse. Herr bennett has told parents of jabbed 12 yr olds to argue and fight with parents of unjabbed 12 yr olds. guess his yom kippur atonenent was eating kippur herring as a herr would do.

  2. Gotta add some humor for living brain people. Israel moving to its rapid test device. Can even do at hom

  3. Ai game time again. Rapid test can even be done at home. Israel govt says rapid test not as good as pcr test but still pretty good. So almost as good as worthless, not sure on my math here. So i guess that if i have a dollar bill cut into 5 pieces, that one piece is almost as good as 2 pieces of the 5?

  4. the vaccine IS shit! OOPS ok CRAP! You hear sometimes the vaccine is highly effective. I agree with THAT! Its effective for purpose it is intended for! But its NOT about COVID! MOST deaths ive learned, are JABBED!

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