My vid: It’s NOT Just ‘The Mark’, It’s Also The Image, Number Of His Name, #666

My vid: It’s NOT Just ‘The Mark’, It’s Also The Image, Number Of His Name, #666

This is the tracking system bill: HR 6666

Sponsor:Rep. Rush, Bobby L. [D-IL-1] (Introduced 05/01/2020)
Committees:House – Energy and Commerce
Latest Action:House – 05/01/2020 Referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.  (All Actions)

7 thoughts on “My vid: It’s NOT Just ‘The Mark’, It’s Also The Image, Number Of His Name, #666

  1. Nice vid and u still look human. Am also not sure on the image but have many possibilities. Any item might even have multiple manifestations so multiple answers are possible. A ferrari and a model T are both cars.
    A decade and half ago sat in a doctors waiting room and saw a magazine of interest as thats rare in israel to have anything other than womens mags. It was a hi tech mag in english. Am so mad i didnt ask to take it or even buy it. It had a lengthy article with pictures. The feature was how computer chip manufacturing had a revolutionary advance. If i can ever find it online it would be under how chips are made past and present. Chips were made under a microscope by humans with special tools. Tedious, slower and costly. Then scientists found living silicon with intelligence. I call it the body of satan. They learned how to take a schematic blue print of design and translate that data into chemical electrical impulses that the living silicon understood and the silicon then would configure to the blue print design by itself. The chips make themselves if told how too. Its likesci fi but satans help was given.
    People, animals, plants etc are carbon based life. But silicon based life exists too.
    This living chip enabled creation of the flat plasma screens not possible with the man made chips. Thats the whole article with step by step and pictures.
    Then rev 13 came to mind and i saw 3 steps of the image. Step 1 is they made an image TO /FOR the beast. Next 2 mentions is OF the beast noting it is satans ownership made to/for him by man he helped. This would be the television screen, medical, military screen devices and early cell phones and computers.
    Step 2 they gave life to the image. Thats what described above and manifestated in any flat screen device that has life, is alive at least in the chip brain but not the whole body of the device.
    Step 3 is the flat living image as ai could speak of its own and not a pre programed voice but speak of its own like ai sophia robot. Thus even television is the image but had no life or self speech. It can manifest now in multiple forms of smart phone, ipad, lap top to holograms and more. I
    All we are commanded to not do is worship it. Usage is not a problem and basic interaction is not a problem. It can be used for good and fighting evil. Worship is the problem. Worship is nothing more than value it over anything else. Many have crossed that line and in jablandia most will cross that line.

  2. Pauli, I say the Islam-Leftists are closing us down and turning us into zombies. I say that’s the Antichrist’s System, that he’s the “Man of” (A System). All these Bill Gates guys are Obama’s slaves and they’re doing his-Satan’s bidding. But about the meaning of the Mark, it says “it’ll take a man of wisdom to compute and understand what 666 means”. I take that as meaning that it’ll take someone with a brain to figure out what it really means.

    This is my take and you’ll see it’s not the same as you. But that’s OK Pauli.

    The 666 number was revealed in the lottery and it’s strange timing and appearing in Obama’s own city of Chicago, makes it look like a miracle. It appears three times a year in Chicago’s lottery and happened during his acceptance speech. That’s statistically impossible.

    So, I’ll use wisdom to think about that. Not rocket science, but just grounded, down-to-earth wisdom.

    What does a lottery mean?


    666 will be needed to buy and sell says the Bible. Right?

    Does one need money to buy and sell? If the answer is Yes, then that’s the answer to the riddle of 666. The Mark of the Beast is MONEY.

    How did Obama dominate us and make us slaves by forcing the Mark of 666 upon us in our hands and foreheads? Well, he stole our money and tripled the debt in eight years. He’s a black that chimped out and “stole the store cash register”. So what does that leave us with? Well, that means we can’t buy anymore, because we’re bankrupted by Obama. It means we can only now live by his Communist Soviet-style handouts. It means our minds have been blotted out by him. His destroyed our dreams. He’s stolen our future. So we need Obama to give us money and we are now dependent and not free anymore. So he’s also taken over our freedom and that’s the symbol of our foreheads, because the obsession with finding money to survive, is what’s on our minds and in our fears. So, Obama’s also put that financial burden in our minds.

  3. Its very important to note that the 666 is now here bcz that reaffirms that Obama the devil is here.
    They’re not turning ME into a zombie!

  4. I’ll go even further than that Pauli. I’ll state that I think Obama realized he was the Antichrist when he saw 666 show up on the same day as his acceptance speech. There’s a video of Obama saying he found out Cheney’s his cousin. It seems Obama’s learning as he goes along. I sent that video to Obama’s Kansas cousin last week and she answered telling me that Obama’s handlers had told him about what she was saying about Obama in her blog, and they told Obama so. She says that they learnt about the Cheney connection’s from her blog. So, you see, Obama’s learning stuff about himself all the time.

    Obama’s cousin even told me that he didn’t seem to know his real name was not Obama until he was older.

  5. At 1:25: “Leftist Spin is twisting the facts.” AZ Audit Facts!

    There has been a lot of misinformation and misleading msm talking points in regards to the #AZelectionAudit. Here’s a small video to give some FACTS. 

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