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  1. Bad news. Planet of the apes wont play. After 2 reboots and freeze after freeze i arrived at a circle spinning around and around for ten minutes apparently my health dept is prejudiced against simians.

  2. David and Pauli:
    BREAKING – Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri in Leaked Audio: “It’s Not Just Arizona, It Was Georgia, It Was Michigan

    The Gateway Pundit has received groundbreaking audio recordings of Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri that reveal how he truly feels about his colleagues, who have fought the Arizona Senate audit from the beginning.

    The audio recordings were obtained by Shelby Busch and Steve Robinson, the founders of WeThePeopleAZAlliance

    I wanna say, hey guys, yeah we might have pulled off an election by way of logistics but there’s some questions and concerns about the software and we should look into it. Don’t just try to defend something because we don’t know if it’s good or bad we’re not techno-geeks we don’t know anything about this.

    And it’s not just Arizona, right? It was Georgia it was Michigan it was all these other states so it’s not just like it was an isolated incident with no proof. I think that’s the answer because I’ll tell you what I question this. If you remember about a month ago, actually clint Hickman had 2 auditors come out here and I don’t know if you guys heard this story, and I said good let’s get them going and our legal counsel said no we still don’t think we should and I said why in the hell did we spend money to get two auditors out here and then send them back. That was a stupid ass decision. Clint Hickman and I have not had a personal conversation since then.

    Legal counsel is probably telling them not to do anything that gets them arrested but Chucri wanted to do the right thing all along

  3. Arizona Audit for Dummies – Senator Wendy Rogers Catches Us Up on the Review of Election Results

    It’s hard to keep up with it all! Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers gives a preview ahead of Friday’s release of the report documenting results of an audit of the Presidential Election in Maricopa County, Arizona.

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