The Most HORRIBLE Genocide This World Has EVER Seen Will Be The Leftist/Globalist/SATANIC Genocide Of AntiVax Human Beings

The Most HORRIBLE Genocide This World Has EVER Seen Will Be The Leftist/Globalist Genocide Of AntiVax Humans

The Bible says that 2/3rds will perish.

THAT is how horrible this genocide of Leftist vaxxed against antivaxxed will be.

I am looking at how the Australians are treating their minority of AntiVax humans and it is horrible. The AU P.D. chasing Aussies down the street like how the Nazi’s chased Jews. It is totally repulsive and disgusting: Scenes in Australia Now Look Like Dystopian Horror Flick – And Lt. General Promises EVERYONE Will Have First Dose of Vax by Christmas (VIDEO)

I do not look at this horror and think ‘IF this is an indication of how we will be treated….’ Australia is THE living example of how the Satanic/Left/Globalists WILL treat us who do not bow to their kill shot, ‘vaccine’ of death.

You’re a stupid ass if you cannot see where this is going. If you are Jewish, Christian, a Believer, a Buddhist and approve of this….you’re not ‘kosher’. You’re not ‘real’. You’re FAKE. You’re a LIAR.

You are a total & complete abomination to God.

The Satanic/Globalist Left IS going to murder the AntiVax humans. Every day, we watch them become more evil, more authoritarian, more pumped-up with Communist/Globalist propaganda: “The unvaccinated are the pandemic“…. NO, people who are NOT sick are not a ‘pandemic’. The Left becomes more insane and murderous with each passing hour, day, week and month.

They have built up such hateful propaganda and they call it “God”. Its blasphemous. They called Jewish people in the 30’s and 40’s, “the diseased”. Its not any different now. It’s the SAME evil spirit. We hear of Doctors that will not treat people who chose to not get the poison shot. We’ve heard of different big mouths saying to put unvaxxed into Camps… We’ve hear it ALL here on ‘our side’.

The ONLY resolve I take comfort in is the fact that GOD says in the book of Revelation that HE WILL DESTROY THE DESTROYERS and I pray every day that I will live to see the END of all of these murderous Leftists at the hands of my angry God and Jesus.


Revelation 11:18 Wycliffe Bible:

1And folks be wroth, and thy wrath came, and time of dead men to be deemed, and to yield meed to thy servants, and prophets, and hallows [and to yield hire to thy servants, prophets, and hallows], and dreading thy name, to small and to great, and to destroy them that corrupt the earth [and to destroy them that corrupted the earth].

22 thoughts on “The Most HORRIBLE Genocide This World Has EVER Seen Will Be The Leftist/Globalist/SATANIC Genocide Of AntiVax Human Beings

  1. The pathetic thing is that they say it’s for our good that one must vaccinate.
    In France, people are changing.
    It’s strange to see they’re hugging again on TV and kissing on cheeks like it is usual in France.
    I thought it was a sign the protesting was working and they are waking up to the fraud of COVID Terror, then I suddenly realized how sick the way of thinking is.
    In fact, what they’re doing is flaunting that they can behave normally and even give kisses to each other. But why? Because they’re vaccinated and they’re showing off their newly-regained freedom.
    But that’s how much they’re clowns. Because in fact, it’s now proven that vaxxed people also contaminate and catch COVID. It’s proven the vaxxes don’t work for crap. So all the clowns on TV that show off they can now enjoy freedom and hug and kiss, well they’ll be spreading COVID and catching it for themselves. Plus, it’s all fake to begin with because the COVID figures are all made up to from Day One so as to force people to get vaxxed.
    Italy’s going on full strike on Oct 11. that’s the only way out of this. Let’s make a WORLD STRIKE. NOW.

  2. And I never expected this from Australia! I always wanted to VISIT that country! American ALLIES! I figured USA would turn socialist like that before AUSSIE! It makes me so sad! Australia would been the second country id have wanted to move to!

  3. They are calling us to see if their records are complete regarding the vax. The VA just did that with us. I answered honestly but maybe I should start lying? Also asked about seasonal flu and pneumonia – no No NOOO! If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. When you are in your 80’s and done fine without you know you don’t need it. End of.

    So I guess they’re making their list and checking it twice?

  4. WWIII is rumbling. “There will be war and rumors of war”: Bible.
    Poland that was the turning point (when Hitler invaded Poland….) that kicked off WWII is now again going to war with the EU, talking about #Polexit and (as History always repeats) that’s something that should kick off WWIII.
    Israel is verging on bombing Iran.
    Google it: “Israeli PM Naftali Bennett Warns World That Imminent Action Coming Against Iranian Nuclear Program”

  5. Ken, TMJ is a husband-and-wife team with David, and they and I have an ongoing exchange that’s gone on since about 6 months now.
    To me, they’re both among the 144K because they’re vocal in calling overtly Obama out as the Antichrist. That’s a very rare thing in the world. That info is like Nitro to Obama… just like Kryptonite to Superman. Find the Antichrist and you’ve also found Jesus the Messiah. They’re both the opposite parts of the same Revelation.
    The fact of that info getting out to the world is the only thin margin keeping back the Apocalypse.
    Pauli says one “doesn’t need to be Jewish” to be saved or be of the 144K.
    I’m not very expressive about my family and relatives but my second cousin is Pontine Paus and she’s from this related family-branch of our’s, that’s got two (Thorleif-) Paus great-grandmothers that were Jewish.
    But the link to the Jews is there because Pontine’s page says (she’s a socialite – that doesn’t mean she’s Socialist. “Socialite” and “Socialist” are not the same. Socialite means “high-brow”.) she’s in a relationship with Lord Dalmeny, Harry Primrose, Hannah de Rothschild’s child’s great-grandson. He’s the head of Christie’s in London.
    I don’t know Pontine personally but her mom is my mom’s first cousin. My mom wanted to keep us from them and wanted to bring us up like artists’ kids in Paris, with anti-capitalist thinking.
    But back to the topic of TMJ and Israel, if you look at the Rothschilds, they get terrible pressure but if you look at their biographies you’ll see that the French Edmond de Rothschild was the de facto creator of Israel. He bought the bits of land that became part and parcel of Israel way before anyone else.
    So what role does that have to do with the Apocalypse? As the creator, what business do they have in the future of that land and of the Jews there and in the world?
    We’re in the belly of the Apocalypse here because Israel’s predicted to be at the center of it all.
    Rothschild has the main avenue in Tel Aviv. Now I’ve found traces through my university research that the Coming of Jesus will be highlighted by his recognition by Muslims as their Messiah. But that’s obviously not an easy thing, because Islam is the worst thing existing in the world. How can one be the Messiah for inbred thugs? But one has to make that effort and be the Universal Messiah for everybody. It’s Jesus’ responsibility to bring us all together. We can help him.

  6. Compared to my cousin Pontine, I’m the senior branch of the family (and the only son in that family-branch. The “male” heir, in other words.). Her grandfather was my grandma’s younger bro. Otherwise we’re exactly the same. Just sayin’.

  7. I’m sorry geirsmith1 but I cannot call an entire religion satanic or all the adherents of it that way. I once came to that conclusion about Islam but I recognize my ignorance. I have known born agains that were 100% illiterate until they “came to Jesus. ” They learned to read while studying the Bible and it’s the only book that they will EVER read. And some of that number are still as lying and thieving as they were before they were “born again. ” Many wealthy attend and give of their monies but their behavior is wrong. Some people believe that the Catholic church is Satanic. IDK. I grew up very isolated and totally ignorant of all religions. I learned as an adult but saw that no church follows their own Book in church governance and resolving problems between church attendees. They should lead by example. Also the pseudo science of psychology has permeated the thought, preaching and teaching and most church leaders seem unable to see the damage or even some preach only psychology punctuated with “Praise the Lord ” as if the punctuation legitimizes the false teachings. The music in contemporary churches is unquestionably Satanic IMO. (They’ve become so earthly minded that theyll do you no heavenly good.) I LOVE music but the contemporary church music that I have heard is alternately terrifying and vomitous. The old music was not.

    I am not sure of who will be the 144K and they themselves most likely do not know or won’t know until the time. Just because they come from a different religion means little to me. These religions are old and have so many variations, sects, – some members of “opposing ” religions may be on the correct path. I can see the mark of good faith teaching in people even when they NEVER speak of God, Gods or religion. Sometimes I learn that the individual had a good foundation but they never wear it on their sleeve.

    Some of the 144K could be non-affiliated hermetic misanthropes. I do expect that there will be peace, acceptance and serenity among them but perhaps I am wrong even in that.

  8. Geirsmith1, as you point out, Jews have intermarried all over the world for centuries. Jews come in every hue. Many people don’t even know that they have some Jewish ancestry. I think that TMJ is correct that the 144K don’t have to be Jewish in faith but it could still be possible that they will all have some Jewish genetics. There is a tribe of mountain people “whites ” in Afghanistan who claim to be descendants of Alexander the Great. Others say that clearly they are descendants of Jews by their worship patterns. The global human genome project proved that these people are not descended from Alexander but it seems to me that they were suspiciously quiet on whether or not they have some Jewish genetics. Why is obvious.

    I am sad that people I know who lead me to believe that they were anti vaccine have capitulated and received it even though none have yet been required by an employer. I am not giving them further information – why? It’s too late. They think that they are safe to hug and kiss and tell that I am safe with them because they are vaxxd.

  9. I don’t want to make a big focus on the Rothschilds but my mother kept us away from it all.

    I think she was upset about her cousin marrying a part-Jewish man and taking the family’s destiny in that direction..; which later led to (my second cousin to be in a relation with a member of…) the Rothschilds (that have the main boulevard in Tel Aviv named after them. Just to say that these people have the karma/power/money to do good or evil in Israel and realize the Revelation in Israel.)

    She chose to bring us kids up as if we were a typically Christian Goy family.

    But I think we should all unite and use my Rothschild-related family to realize the Christian Apocalypse (and the Jewish one all at once too. We can do things in big ways now folks. Get to it! Go! Go! Go!)

  10. kookooracharabioso, there are a lot of tribes and sects and I can’t keep tracks of them all when surveying the Middle East,Turkey, Iran/Afghan/Pakistan.
    Imagine a fierce wily Mongol, Genghis Khan’s grandson, setting upon Baghdad with a vengeance because the Muslims had just burnt down the world’s largest library, the Buddhist Nalanda, 50 years earlier.
    Destroying Baghdad, he ruled over his new-found empire, and showed love for Muslims, Buddhists, Christians and Jews alike.
    He fits the Messiah, because he pushed back the evils of Islam, but after that, he showed the love and tolerance for everyone that is required of a Universal Savior.

  11. Weez family of the Chosen Pauli.
    There are three kinds of people.
    1. People who say Obama’s not The Antichrist but merely AN antichrist…(“but – there are many” they say. That proves they’re actually paid Obots with monthly checks written out by Satan Himself: Obama.)
    2. Then there are people saying Obama’s the Antichrist, but they won’t lift a finger to put their money where their mouth is. No rubber meets the road. They don’t “hit the ground running”. It’s all talk and hot air. Once they’ve said Obama’s the Antichrist, they roll over and go back to sleep like the sheeple and cowards they are.
    3. People like you and I, who are ***zany zealots****, who stand up and yell from rooftops that Obama’s the Antichrist. We’re like street corner end-of-the-world preachers AND I’M SOOOOO PROUD TO BE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We’ll make them hear our voice and they’ll all pay in LAST JUDGEMENT DAY FOR NOT FOLLOWING US. I don’t say that, it’s the Bible.

  12. They took down Sad’s comments because they don’t want people reading them. They just want the articles to look like plants. Room ornaments. They don’t want people experiencing reality. They want people to live in a dream world of their own creation.

  13. Sad the article Pauli. They took down all the posts.
    Now have you seen Eric Zemmour, the Anti-Islam presidential (French Sepharadic) candidate in France who’s trouncing the competition and now faces off with Macron himself next?
    He’s vicious. ROFLMAO!

  14. French Dissident Eric Zemmour Moves to Within Just 5 Points of Emmanuel Macron
    October 6, 2021

    French intellectual dissident and strident mass migration critic Eric Zemmour has moved to within just five points of Emmanuel Macron ahead of next year’s presidential election.

    A Harris Interactive poll finds that in a hypothetical run-off against the French leader, Zemmour would score 45 per cent of the vote to Macron’s 55 per cent.

    That’s pretty significant given that Zemmour has no experience of public office and is almost exclusively known for his controversial opinions on Islam, immigration, feminism, and what he calls the “gay ideology.”

    As we previously highlighted, Zemmour has called for France’s notorious Islamic ghetto no-go zones, which are routinely the scene of violence and mass rioting, to be “re-conquered by force.”

    France’s feared banlieues are suburbs on the edge of major cities controlled by large groups of Muslim gangs who attack police officers, fire crews and ambulance workers who venture into the area.

    “I think we reconquer by force,” said Zemmour. “Moreover, in order to reconquer, there’s a problem of the number of people.”

    “You think — you are more humanist than I am — you think that we can bring people around by means of education.”

    “That’s something I don’t believe anymore. I think that from a certain number — you know it is the sentence from Hegel that I say all the time — the quantity becomes a quality. So in this case it is necessary to reconquer by force or give up.”

  15. Melissa Stickler from McPherson, KS who works for Pfizer says Pfizer used aborted fetal cells in the vaccines.

  16. James O’Keefe strikes Pfizer… Aborted fetal tissue is in the Vaccine…

    Fetal Tissue Coverup

    Pfizer is using aborted fetal tissue to produce the Vaccine

    “One of more cell lines with an origin that can be traced back to human fetal tissue has been used in laboratory tests associated with the Vaccine program. We have not received any questions from policy makers or media on the issue so we want to avoid raising this if possible.”

    “We want to avoid having the information on the fetal cell lines floating out there. We believe the risk of communication this right now outweighs any potential benefit that we could see, particularly with general members of the public who may take this information and use it in ways we may not want it out there.

    Melissa Strickler, a Pfizer worker at the McPherson Kansas plant is the whistleblower.

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