#FASCIST #Facebook Has Been Down For HOURS! LOL!! HAHAH!! How Do YOU Jerks Like JAIL!? #FACEBOOKDOWN, Stocks Plunge!

#FASCIST #Facebook Has Been Down For HOURS! LOL!! HAHAH!! How Do YOU Jerks Like JAIL!? #FACEBOOKDOWN Stocks Plunge!

Im loling! I get banned at least every other month. They throw us in Facebook prison…Well, how do THEY like it! HAHAHAH

LOL!!! HAHAHAHAH Facebook Stocks PLUNGE!

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11 thoughts on “#FASCIST #Facebook Has Been Down For HOURS! LOL!! HAHAH!! How Do YOU Jerks Like JAIL!? #FACEBOOKDOWN, Stocks Plunge!

  1. Something you might want to be aware of, if you haven’t already heard. I got an e-mail from one of my Senators this morning and here is what it said. Alan,

    The Biden-Harris administration is so intent on appeasing far-left socialists that they are ready to designate America’s founding documents as “harmful content.” We’ve known for years they see Constitutional guardrails as optional. Now the cat is out of the bag in a whole new way.

    Despite patriotic uproar, Biden’s handpicked appointees placed a “harmful content” warning on the Constitution, labeling the governing document of the United States as “difficult to view” on taxpayer funded government websites.

    *That’s right, **Alan.** The Biden-Harris admin believes that the Constitution of the United States contains “harmful content.”*

    At a time when Americans are facing skyrocketing cost of living, a raging border crisis, and out of control spending by Democrats, this is the last thing that the government should be focused on.

  2. I AGREE TMJ! I laughed. How do them f…k.s like it nowgetting hacked and vulnerableunable to do a thing about it.

  3. Facebook and others need to bite the dust. New better platforms can rear up. Must always see who owns any alternatives before going there. For example, whatsapp is zucky like cia facebook. In fact, russian intelligence owns a small piece of facebook so all data is legally accessable. But that dont bother me. Zucky created whatsapp to hook in 3rd world to a digital identity even if they had no server. That those with a server also use and like whatsapp doesnt change it was cia zucky trying to catch more fish in his net.

  4. BUT now today I heard it was intentionally shut down! Cuz of whistleblowers! They needed time to DELETE EVIDENCE! Who knows. Hope they GET shut down!

  5. YEA the whistleblower is leftist! BUT she had other intentions for coming forth! It backfired! She hoped it would lead to more censure of conservatives! Will we ever know the truth and reason? We hear this and that. BUT media and dems have a way of keeping silent what they dont want aired! In fact i heard nothing about it in news today. You gotta listen to talk show to hear anything! I listen to Tucker Carlson, S Hannity, Mark Levine, Judge Jeanine…many others! What i hear on fake news on radio at top of each hour is FAKE NEWS!

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