VOLCANO In Spain Now A 3 Headed Volcano

VOLCANO In Spain Now A 3 Headed Volcano

This Volcano has the potential of creating a huge Tsunami. As usual, our media is pretty ho hum about it. They’re busy destroying people’s lives.

5 thoughts on “VOLCANO In Spain Now A 3 Headed Volcano

  1. One guys opinion is this volcano is a time marker? Palms were waved in jerusalem as Jesus entered on a donkey starting his ministry for set ammount of time. La palma is the palm. The final countdown has started?

  2. A tsunami that will go right across to NYC? Need someone with knowledge of ocean currents.

  3. Imagine the carbon tax the govt will get? Isnt this all cuz of global warming? Im kidding. Yea the media is silent! TOO BUSY putting fake ass fauchi on lying about covid and vaccines. YES according to Bible, theres LOT more to come. Earthquakes, asteroids….Im glad i dont live on an island or near ocean!

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