#Facebook ‘Whistleblower’, Democrat Donor. LOL. Lying Media, Lying Democrats.

#Facebook ‘Whistleblower’, Big Democrat Donor. LOL. Lying Media, Lying Democrats.

The Democrat, Communist, Satanic Liars want their “James O’keefe”. But, they know they can’t do it because the ‘right wing’ is not out there undermining the nation. The Commie-Crats do that every day.

The National Pulse has thus far identified 36 donations from Haugen during her time as an employee of Facebook, Pinterest, and Gigster.  National Pulse.

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2 thoughts on “#Facebook ‘Whistleblower’, Democrat Donor. LOL. Lying Media, Lying Democrats.

  1. You called it. .y husband insisted to watch this. I couldn’t. The “terrorists ” traumatizing school boards are complaining about the exact same things being done to their children but Facebook is more important cuz Uncle Sam wants those algorithms! This document thief who stole proprietary information is 100% protected vs other whistleblowers. I’m no lover of FB but this is hugely disgusting if one has any sense of fairplay, of consistency in the application of law.

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