I Had A Prophetic Vision: A GIGANTIC, Huge, EXPLOSIVE Meteor/Asteroid Hits Earth.

I Had A Prophetic Vision: A GIGANTIC, Huge, EXPLOSIVE #Meteor / #Asteroid Hits Earth.

God gives me many prophetic dreams and at times…visions. He does this to warn the Earth through different people. I encourage people to read the Bible & get to understand and know GOD. I’m just a nobody typing on this blog not a savior of any sort. BIBLE ON A PAGE: Bible in One Page : King James Version KJV

This is what I saw:

  • It was SO fast. This vision happened very quickly. I saw a HUGE Meteor that seemed to be almost as big as the Earth, itself. It was going through the atmosphere on fire. And, it was traveling faster than light. Thats how fast. It hit the Earth and it was EXPLOSIVE. LOUD. A huge explosion.

The Bible warns of cosmic disturbances in the end age.. So, this is entirely possible.

(I am not sure….BUT, I thought I heard “Russia”. Im not positive. But, its possible that this large meteor could hit Russia – near Russia – like the Baltics. At any rate – It could hit anywhere.)

NASA attempts to stop hypothetical asteroid from hitting Earth and fails

14 thoughts on “I Had A Prophetic Vision: A GIGANTIC, Huge, EXPLOSIVE Meteor/Asteroid Hits Earth.

  1. My sister had one with no rememberance except it ended and she woke to loud sound of shattered glass. Both are destruction. Dont think russia wants ruled by the schwab economic system so somethings coming. Asteroids and comet stuff can come down in great size. But stars are not suns but falling angels. The earth would be vaporised if one sun hit it. But its coming down literally. All those unloaded ships off the coast might be waiting to produce economic collapse and a reset soon? A brother suggested russia & china will get mad at the great reset on schwabs terms as all the money owed them would never get paid them so they will come to take america.

  2. Pauli and Ken, do you have contact with Pastor Carl Gallups? (He’s called PPSimmons on You Tube i.e. ppsimmons.com “(PNN) PPSIMMONS News and Ministry Network”)

    You have to contact him right away. He’s a great guy. And he has a coast to coast Christian radio show. It’s time we got serious with the Antichrist and Satan don’t you think? He’s done enough evil I think.

    He made this video saying Obama’s the Antichrist? Ken, look at the video because it quotes the Bible to prove that 666 is the Mark of the Antichrist.. It’s good because most people have no idea what the word “Antichrist” even means. He explains lots of things to help people out.

    Obama The Lottery and 666 You have GOT TO SEE THIS! What are the CHANCES Is he the Antichrist

    Answer the question in the video: “What are the chances Obama’s the Antichrist.”
    In 13 years since he made the video, nobody’s even answered his question. Why the cover up? Scared of Satan maybe? Scared of being called racist for saying a black, criminal, drug addict homosexual like Obama is the AC?

  3. It would be good if the strike point for the asteroid was indeed Russia or China …or both — just as long as no people get hurt.

  4. Pauli, the name seems to be Gallups. He’s got a radio show and people can call in. Gallups was Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s semi-official mouthpiece. Gallups is an ex-cop turned preacher and media-man. They all shut up when Trump got elected. I contacted them through Mike Zullo of the Cold Case Posse for them to contact Obama’s real cousin Linda Joy Adams and that went REALLY BAD. Zullo’s terrible and a total amateur. He botched everything that’s possible to botch. They say Zullo was a second hand car salesman, with practically no – if any – police experience. He mixed up Obama’s two grandfathers (which is normal, seeing Obama’s real grandfather stole his cousin’s ID and wallet to run off and join the Army..because he was underage to join the Army at the time…..) But when Linda Adams explained all about that to Zullo, poor bugger Zullo said Linda was lying about the grandfather’s ID (whom Linda said was dead) because he had found someone alive with the grandfather’s name. No matter that Linda explained to him about the ID switch, between the two grandfathers, Zullo was adamant, and that showed he’s no professional and good cop. Also, how strange was it that Arpaio shut up about Obama’s fake birth certificate once Trump got elected… so it shows that clown show in AZ around Arpaio, was just interested in politics and covering their own backs. The pink underwear and baloney sandwiches seemed pretty over the top, didn’t it?
    Why I said you should contact Gallups tho was that as a pastor, he can’t start lying about God. I meant “to hold him to God’s voice” because I think Gallups can’t lie (and that his video above, shows he’s in a different league as a human being than Arpaio and his Sicilian gang of clowns.)

    Sicilians are very fervent Catholics and make up most of the Vatican members, but sometimes they’re caught up in politics and in the case of Arpaio/Zullo, those Sicilians didn’t do a thing to spread the truth about the Antichrist to the world, when I gave them the chance to un cover Obama’s real name and family. I take it Gallups has parted ways with those shady cops. He can now maybe join us this time around and call out the criminal Obama. We’ve been patient and waited for Obama to trip up. Now we got him where we wanted him from the start.

  5. Pauli, you’re in the belly of the Beast. You’ve got a small blog in a far-flung state up in the mountains of Arizona towering over the swarms of Mexicans in Mexico, but you’re where the future of the world is being spun in the unfolding of History: you’re in the front seats and History is being Written right on your doorstep.
    Make an article saying that: “Mad Jewess is writing history by chronicling the Apocalypse out of Arizona where Biden met his end.” Put everything I’m saying here in it.
    Then you add a sub-title sounding like some cowboy flick: “The Devil-Antichrist Rode out of Tucson and met his match in the region of Phoenix.” (Rep. Mark Finchem now revving up to start a new audit in Pimo County, which will mean the first and second biggest AZ counties are successfully audited and will be racking up about a total of more than one million bogus votes stolen by Biden/Obama.)
    We’re family, we’re a team, we’re Chosen Ones, we get the job done right. We put them where they belong. We’re the best of the best.

  6. We don’t want camps for the vaxxed Pauli, rather gated communities to live lives in luxury.
    Give them the best support both medical and moral to stand the side effects that will ram them now.
    We’ll have to take over the mantle of dealing with all this.
    Put back the segregated buses where vaxxed and non-vaxxed have their own reserved seats.

  7. Well Geir, according to the Bible the number 666 is the mark of the beast. The ONE! Example. You heard of ppl being ANTI TRUMP! It means against Trump! Antichrist means against CHRIST! There are MANY! Look at all the politicians today! AGAINST Christains! Removing prayer from schools and the posting of 10 commandments in public places. Shutting churches down cuz of covid but planned parenthood clinics stay open…….. So there are many ANTIchrists in this world. Since the word Anti means Against! But COUNTRIES in the bible are labeled as beasts! Books of Daniel and Rev! Describes the beasts! Bears, Lions, with wings…….So beast likely starts as a movement by a beast! Led by a chosen human, influenced by SATAN! POSSESSED if you will.The CHOSEN one, LEADER of the beast nation and of all the antichrists will have the power! But what is his actual mark? Ive heard many theories! The popes crown…vicarius feli dei Roman numerals have equivalents in numbers. Like V equals number 5. I dont remember all of em but the total equals 666. So some believe the catholic church is the beast! Led by ONE POPE! Well the catholic church is the ROMAN Catholic church! ROME was responsible for the crucifixion of JESUS! Rome got involved in the church! Under Roman emperor Constantine and Justinian! I read all the history! We can definetely see how the catholic church has changed its face in past several years. Obumma has called himself a catholic! BUT he is actually a MUSLIM! Itll be interesting as it all plays out and I dont believe itll be long anymore! Have you read in the bible about the beast that rose up out of the earth…. (ONLY ONE DID), The rest rose up out of the SEA! But this beast that rose up out of earth it says it had 2 horns like a lamb but spoke like a dragon! THAT beast is the USA! A Lamb in bible represents Christ! The LAMB of GOD! The lamb like beast (USA) started out like a lamb! GOD blessed this country! But wwere NOT so lamb like anymore! This country is changing! Many are becoming anti CHRIST! The founders of this country and the constitution and declaration of independance were god fearing ppl. God blessed AMERICA! Not even TOO many years ago yould never have heard of GAY marriages, LEGAL Abortions, NONE of that filth would have been recognized. It was illegal! How quickly they are making everything legal and silencing CHRISTAINS! The education our kids get in schools now! the filth! Using cucumbers and condoms to teach kids how to put a condom on a penis!…. GOD IS BEING REMOVED! Christain values are being TAKEN away! The LAMB is speaking like a dragon! And we all know who the dragon is! At least I do! Have a good rest of week! Sorry if I upset anyone. Lets all watch as things unfold SOON!

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