FILTHY, Sickening #Hybrid Animal: Part Human, Part Pig THING. This Is SO Disgusting

FILTHY, Sickening: Part Human, Part Pig THING. This Is SO Disgusting

This makes me want to puke all over the place. No doubt, some Left wing, Communist PIG ‘invented’ this horrible looking hybrid thing. VOMIT!

I believe that Alex Jones posted this first:


10 thoughts on “FILTHY, Sickening #Hybrid Animal: Part Human, Part Pig THING. This Is SO Disgusting

  1. The paper says that these are being bred on US soil for organ harvesting – supposedly better than purchasing from China prison system? (That may soon be totally unavailable for purchase?) The handlers are speaking Spanish. I think that maybe I would rather die than have a transplant from either source. Sure looks like a human eye.

  2. Obama’s the Hideous Beast.
    The Antichrist.
    And America thinks Obama’s handsome because “the First Beast made The People Adore Him, who is also the Second Hideous Beast”. (says Bible)
    Obama’s the Hideous Beast/Abomination (homosexual.)

    God’s Lotto Numbers

    I’m in wonder how these videos I made copies of are still up and running. Truly divine help. The Devil can’t control HEAVEN. It’s out of his grasp.

  3. Pauli, Mexicans are everywhere like fleas. But look at the tourists that visit Arizona every year: 45 million. If Mexicans are stopped by a “beautiful wall”, in just one weekend, the daily thousands of immigrants will be swarmed by the throngs of tourists (and Arizona will go WHITE AGAIN.) It’s just a question of tipping the balance of public opinion against the Mexican flow, and then things will go back to normal, in hours flat. Bus them to the border and wish them “Hasta La Vista Baby?”

  4. Funny I found this blog with the replies in my JUNK mail folder! WHY or how could that happen? I commented on it before so theres NO reason it wasnt put in my inbox! Anyway Ive a son in Peoria AZ. Suberb of Pheonix. Hes a manager at Lowes store! He has told me many stories of the mexicans coming in and trying to walk out without paying, and store policy is DO NOT follow them out of the store. SO that particular store loses thousands of dollars of merchandise. MY son stopped a couple at the door one day and asked for their purchase receipt! That couple went to customer service and reported my son for stopping them. SOMETHING is very FKD UP here!

  5. Ken, the Dems make money on the immigrants’ backs. They’re like slave-owners. The Dems in the South were the slave-owners that opposed Lincoln; created the KKK. They want the mexicans to create mayhem and encourage them to do so, so they can keep on doing their business of passing immigrants, drugs and prostitutes at the border.

  6. Well Geir! You call them immigrants! Immigrants are those that come LEGALLY! These are ILLEGAL ALIENS! Foreigners! Lawbreakers! So lets understand that fact. BUT I agree! The DEMS profit from them. I wonder how many are being sold…Or killed to sell body parts so dems can make millions! And then theres the voting! They WANT the ILLEGALS to be able to VOTE

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