GR8 Comic Strip: Libs Then, 1971. Commie Totalitarian Schmucks Now, 2021:

GR8 Comic Strip: Libs Then, 1971. Commie Totalitarian Schmucks Now, 2021:

Im just kinda tired lately of the rat race… SO, I hope you enjoy this comic strip…Says it ALL:

4 thoughts on “GR8 Comic Strip: Libs Then, 1971. Commie Totalitarian Schmucks Now, 2021:

  1. Says it all. Its over. The devil gets his 42 months at start of great reset, which is when economy crashes and beast economy starts and the switch turned on turning all jabbed into mindless biological-synthentic hybrid robots. Jesus will cut time short. We dont know how. Maybe those 42 months will be shortened or maybe our time of rescue is in midst of the devil reign? The israelites were in egypt during plagues poured out at first but had immunity to the first 3 i recall. IF , COULD HAVE, are powerful little words. America could have been saved if the people had done something but they didnt. Again, the church in general is the 2nd beast or false prophet that says to worship the 1st beast antichrist beast. Its not the vatican but includes all her daughters the protestants and adopted daughters the jews, moslems, etc. Religion is the 2nd beast. Most have fallen. Even nicholson who warned of all this so well says the jab is ok. Many did good works but not really Christ centered so they go strong delusion from God himself. There is no antidote to that. We have lost many battles but we win the war if in Christ. Its now time to hunker down connected with like others. Defend yes, but no part in senseless anarchy. 3 close family all losing jobs soon to avoid the potion. In america due to property tax and seizures all un toxified will lose their homes a little ahead. Schwab says you will own nothing and he meant it. Prepare. Be ready to move about like israelites many times. Some might be chosen to by miracle to stay put but dont count on it. Those not young have an advantage as we have less life to lose. Pray for the young too. Our purpose is to live in Christ and not die for Christ but do either one well as it unfolds.

  2. Off-the-wall Sefaradic Jew Anti-Islam Eric Zemmour is neck-to-neck with two other right wing presidential candidates in France. He’s down by about 7% on Macron but has 6 months till the election so he can catch up easily. But nobody’s talking about the jab or COVID. When they talk about it, all hell will break loose, I bet!!

  3. Well put SNS. The full moon approaches. Modern medicine denies the effects of the moon on we water bags called human but I always say that if the moon can make the ocean tides it can surely pull the body’s water. It is time to hibernate from the many generations of menstruating people who have not been taught to check themselves during this time. Most of them are in sync with the moon unless medical intervention has screwed up their natural schedule. They lash out inappropriately with little to no provocation. Truth is verboten but I am staying home to avoid their rage. (Got enough of my own. )

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