“Old is new”, TMJ 2021

I’m just taking a rest, guys. I don’t have any focus right now. Just ho-hum. I wanna move to the south – Alabama or Arkansas. Dave doesn’t want to. Im stuck in the high desert ’til I die. I guess. So, I’m out of focus right now. See? Say some prayers for me. I literally live in the Israel of the United states. Totally arid place. But, high up here.

I just need prayers for focus– I need to see clearly… Thanks.

26 thoughts on “Resting….

  1. Most of the time when you say you’re “taking time off,” it’s for a couple of hours. Face it Mad Jewess, you’re addicted to blogging! 🙂

  2. Have a good rest. Prayer both you and dave get same mssg from God of where to abide at wherever that is.

  3. Hi Pauli! I hope and pray for your emotional strength! DONT be so discouraged! WE are all here to teach and learn from each other. WE NEED YOU OK! Ive been very depressed myself lately! Could cry every day! WE NEED EACH OTHER! PLEASE LETS BE STRONG FOR EACH OTHER EVEN IF WE HAVE DIFF VIEWS! GOD is working. HIS will be done! Lets be good hosts! LOVE YA TMJ

  4. Get rest. May that rest help awaken the spirit within you. And let us strengthen each other not by diversity but by holding hands and with the help of the holy spirit, to work together for HUMANITY! Thats my prayer. AMEN!!!!!!!

  5. What’s happening TMJ?
    They’re vaxxing the last stragglers…the whole world is finished and destroyed now.
    That’s predicted and the Messiah comes when that’s over. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! GAME OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I gave you the general dress rehearsal but Disqus deleted it all.
    I’ll give the final show of that now.

  6. Hasn’t sunk in with me yet. Trying to read between the lies/lines and see the truth is exhausting and mostly I just don’t have time – why I come here to keep up. Love you!

  7. We don’t want no lagging behind here. We got all the signs of the Apocalypse lined up for us. No time for a doubt. Go, gang!

  8. French firemen protest. Cops stand by. This is going to get worse, it’s unavoidable because. Firemen have been fired without pay.

  9. Trump’s backing Biden into a corner. (video below says an audit of Pima County, AZ, will give Trump another half a million uncounted votes and bury Biden under a tsunami of numbers)
    Nobody does that.
    Since the USA first was created, the political parties have always put off their personal fights to the side once the election is ruled on.
    But Trump’s taking Biden to task and all hell will break loose, so gang, are you ready to step in and save the world from mayhem: reveal the Antichrist and the 2d Coming of Jesus, the Buddhist Messiah.

  10. Pauli. Why not make an article called: “Arizona Apocalypse! Trump forcing Pima County to recount ballots giving Trump a total of 1 million vote plus advantage over Fraud Biden aka Obama. Antichrist Homo Barry now must show his real ID.”
    TMJ bloggers will block Trump form creating chaos in the world by stepping in to reveal Antichrist Obama and Messiah’s Coming: Jesus Christ, the Buddhist Messiah.

  11. Anti-Biden chants continue as ‘Let’s go Brandon’ rap hits no.1 on iTunes (YouTube 2 min) ^ | Oct 18, 2021

    Anti Joe Biden chants have continued at various events across the United States over the weekend as Loza Alexander’s rap ‘Let’s go Brandon’ hits number 1 on the iTunes Hip Hop chart.

  12. Today we are testing our tabulation equipment for accuracy prior to counting ballots for the Nov. 2021 local elections. These tests are performed before and after each election. The test starts at 10 a.m. Watch it here:

    Not seeing this anywhere else. Maybe they don’t want us to know that they spent our $ on new Dominion machines?

  13. You’re all good Christians and waiting for Jesus’ Return.

    But do you know what you’re talking about or is it just BLIND FAITH?

    That’s not good to only have blind faith (and therefore not know where one is headed): you all at TMJ need to know what we’re talking about.

    So can anyone tell me if Hulagu Khan’s the Messiah or not? Put your money where your mouth is. (and if no one can tell me, then button up, right?)

  14. Your wish is fulfilled. Things start with a rumble then it goes to a roar. 

    Presidential candidate Eric Zemmour, Sefaradic Jew is polling in second place at 17-18% against Macron’s 25% (Zemmour went from 5% to 18% in three months, which is a French record-climb in polling.) Zemmour was at a security exhibition and trained a sniper rifle’s cross hairs on reporters. French Secretary of State Marlene Schiappa tweeted that it was “horrifying” to see. Zemmour shot back that she was an “imbecile”. Schiappa’s a #MeToo whining fatso. So you go got your wish, Pauli.
    Zemmour’s a fiery anti-Islam battler. It’s open season on Muslims. We’ll get the white Christian trailer trash hounding down the Muslims in the suburbs. You’ll start seeing air-line reservations for North Africa start picking up in the next few days. A Muslim that’s being hounded by poor whites is going to run for his home country fast. We went through this in 750 AD already. Check out Septimania (French South – the Mediterranean Coast.) History's an eternal repetition 

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